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Enter the US Road Tracking number in the dialogue box above to get access to all the necessary information about your shipment.

US Roads Overview

The company was founded in the year 1991. The company has established its worth as one of the top cargo service suppliers. They aim to provide rapid and reliable transportation services.

US Road Freight Express has devised effective strategies and well-trained personnel to provide efficient services to its clients. According to figures, they are able to deliver the majority of deliveries on time or ahead of what they estimate to be delivered. 99.8 percent of their deliveries have been proven to be safe and error-free.

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They concentrate more on client satisfaction and earning their trust in the facilities they offer. The company believes that the quality of service will not be affected in any way because they constantly work towards sustainability and productivity.

Services Offered By US Road

The company has highly experienced and skilled drivers employed by the company. Their primary focus is on the US states of Texas, Kansas, Colorado, Nebraska, and Missouri. There are a variety of delivery options when you use US roads, including industrial cargo material.

Besides personal goods transportation, it also transports dry bulk, chemicals, farm equipment, and paper products.

US Road Freight Tracking

For a transportation company such as US Road freight, where it has to handle numerous deliveries on a daily basis, it’s not easy to manage each delivery manually. Therefore, to streamline the whole process and provide high-quality service, they provide an easy-to-follow delivery tracking system to assist their customers in a timely manner.

Through their tracking of delivery service, you can quickly find the exact location of your shipment along with additional information about your cargo. The company utilizes the modern and latest technology to fulfill its customers’ tracking requirements.

With this tracker, there’s no likelihood that you will miss your delivery. It’s all possible due to the details you obtain regarding our freights. It’s the simplest method to handle your cargo deliveries without delay or stress.

US Road Tracking

Once you’ve handed your cargo for transportation, you’ll get an email with a confirmation, including a PRO number. The number is auto-generated based on the shipment, keeping you well-informed and in touch with your goods during the entire delivery process.

You’ll require the PRO number to begin using US road tracking services. When you enter the US Road tracking number in the tracker and click “track my freight,” the system will immediately connect you to the shipment, which enables you to stay connected with your cargo until it is delivered to the recipient.

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Your courier’s number is recorded at every stage of delivery. This allows the system to create information and make it available to customers.

Add your Pro number to the search area to stay in touch with your shipment. If you’re having concerns regarding the tracking of your shipment,

Contact Details

Phone Number: (316) 942-9944

Fax Number: (316) 942-2941