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About Chronopost

Chrono postal has been committed to delivering goods while minimizing its environmental footprint for the last 20 years, making it an efficient business. To completely change their business practices, they have decided to make huge promises tied to their business.

Chronopost is determined to provide a creative and flexible environmental conservation approach. They provide carbon-neutral parcel delivery to all their customers at no additional cost.

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Chronopost has expanded its alternative fleet of vehicles, which currently exceeds 300 automobiles (electric, CNG, and cargo bikes).

They are concentrating all their efforts on the last stretch by building urban logistics networks, installing alternative vehicles, implementing technology like pick-up points, and predicting how to make our city a better place to live while getting close to their clients.

Currently, it has urban logistics centers in Paris, Marseille, Toulouse, Lille, and Nice. In addition, they’ve six Chrono City locations, which allow anyone to deliver in the downtown neighborhood using electric and CNG vehicles and cargo bikes. These urban depots authorize us to start the supply tour closer to the pick-up and delivery points, reducing the distance by 20 percent and minimizing the environmental impact. They’re also decreasing the amount of noise and congestion within the City Centre.

Chronopost Tracking

Lastly, this location allows them to offer new services to their clients, like changing rooms and packaging supplies. They’ve been partnering with several NGOs and organizing sporting events since 2014.

Each year they hold events like the Chrono United Tour, where their staff is invited to participate in a race and contribute 5 euros for every kilometer to a charity. In the recent past, they’ve collaborated with Pasteur Institute, Solidarites International, and Laurette Fugain, and they are now working with Premiers de chordee, a charity that holds sports events for disabled and sick children.

In their centers across France, they also support local projects like constructing hives with the help of beekeepers, collecting equipment or supplies to give to charities, and hiring employees with disabilities.

Chronopost Tracking

You can use Chronopost parcel tracking efficiently by entering the tracking code and package or delivery notification number. You will start getting notified about your package’s status via Chronopost tracking France. They also offer an iOS mobile application for ease of use.

You can choose an alternative transportation date, distribute to an address in the local area, or deliver to a neighbor designated by you using this method. In the end, Chronopost tracking UK will be easy for users to order, and they will love the user-friendly design of the website and the mobile app.

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Contact Details

The best way to get in touch with them is by visiting their Twitter handle (@Chronopost); the team of Chronopost international tracking Portugal is very active on their social media channels. Alternatively, you can connect with them via the following information:

Monday to Friday, 9:00 am until 7:07 midnight (except public holidays)

They’ll answer your questions in a public or private manner, based on the type of your questions. All questions related to a shipment will be addressed confidentially.

You can also reach them via Facebook; all you need to do is fill out the form, and their team will reply to you accordingly. You will be notified via Facebook once they have responded to your query.

Phone: +33 (0)969 391 391