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UNI Express Overview

Uni Express is one of the most prominent courier companies in Canada. It is well-known for its online delivery services to more than 55 cities across Canada. The company is connected with traditional retailers and other e-commerce companies.

It provides delivery of daily use products, which basically means everything you can get from a supermarket, from groceries to clothes. It is associated with more than 55 businesses and retailers across the country.

With a group of 3000 well-trained drivers, they can assure safe and efficent delivery to their clients. It’s a win-win for the business to earn the confidence and trust of its customers.

Logistic & Tracking Model

The company uses the “dispatch” method. In accordance with this method, they pick the most optimal delivery route to deliver your parcels. The highly-skilled drivers then choose the best routes by keeping in mind the delivery timeframe to make sure timely delivery.

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It is made possible because of the big data systems as well as LBS position systems. The service commenced last year in Vancouver, Canada when they started a crowdsourcing logistics distribution model. That enables both processes, ordering collection and distribution work simultaneously.

Uni express has created an original “last 5 minutes delivery by crowdsourcing”. It enthrals the largest portion of the attention of retailers. In addition, businesses that deal with food, drinks, mother and child-care products, fresh fruits, and books are the most frequent consumers of their utilities.

Fast Growing Chain of Uni Express Container Tracking

Uni Express has grown leaps and bounds over the past few years. In 2017, there was a stranglehold on the old courier firms in Vancouver. This was detrimental to the overall distribution across the city by offering inefficient delivery of large goods at a prohibitively expensive cost.

UNI Express Tracking

The start of city-wide distribution appeared to be turmoiled when compared to the cross-city distribution service. Yet, Uni Express turned the tables after it started its operations in Vancouver. The remarkable expansion can be seen in the growth data of the last few years.

There is extraordinary growth in Uni Express’s relationship with various vendors, which has grown to more than 300 in numbers. After observing this growth, a large number of supermarkets have joined forces with Uni Express across all major cities in Metropolitan Vancouver. Additionally, most small and mid-sized organizations have formed long-term partnerships with Uni Express.

The growth of distribution channels and cooperation with all distributors will not only help in providing comprehensive services but also at affordable prices. Last year was one of the highly successful years for the company as well as the local businesses and distributors.


Uni Express Canada is a renowned courier company that offers the best delivery solutions to its clients throughout Canada. The company has a variety of services to provide to its customers, including daily deliveries to takeaways from major and mid-level companies and retailers.

It runs on well-planned strategies and integrates its highly skilled staff and crowdsourcing logistics strategies to make its service more efficient. When you order an item with Uni Express, be at ease knowing that you’ll receive quick and efficient service. The items are delivered to you following a transparent delivery procedure.

Uni express also provides personalized delivery solutions for its customers. This is achieved by making a suitable combination of the clients’ data, resources and application scenarios to provide the highest quality of service.

Uni Express Tracking Canada

With technological advancements, every business and system is now targeted towards easing the lives of its customers. It reduces the communication gap and the distances between suppliers and their clients. This ultimately leads to high client satisfaction and enhanced revenues for the companies.

For couriers these days, operations are tightly controlled and monitored. If you’ve ordered anything from Uni express tracking Canada, for example, you’ll receive a tracking number which you can utilize to monitor your order.

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This method of receiving frequent updates can reduce the likelihood of missing out on your orders. It will be a huge assistance in dealing with the daily shopping chores of your hectic day-to-day activities.

Besides providing high-quality and effective service, Uni Express keeps the delivery process transparent. When you buy any product from any shop, it is possible to stay in touch with the product until it is delivered to your door.

How do I get started with Tracking

Uni Express tracking is pretty straightforward; all you have to do is enter the tracking code of your order into the text field area and then click the “track order”.

Once done, you will be taken to your order’s location. You can use their mobile application to get started with order tracking. You will get frequent notifications through their app. The mobile application can be a fantastic source of connectivity to receive precise notifications, change delivery times, and so on.

Toronto (Mississauga)

(647) 250-9481


Vancouver (Burnaby)

(604) 288-0006


Toronto (Cambridge)

(519) 621-2888