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Do you want to know how to track your shipment using UDS Tracking? Simply enter the UDS tracking number in the dialogue box above to get real-time updates on your cargo.

United Delivery Service Overview

UDS has formed relationships with companies that require reliability, integrity, and consistency on a day-to-day basis for more than four decades.

They keep a high-quality standard in their employees, technologies, and services through collaboration with top companies in the pharmaceutical, payroll, and other highly-profile sectors.

United Delivery Service has been monitoring the situation and working to ensure their customers, employees, and the community safe as they ensure delivery services continue in the face of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) that has affected our communities in an unprecedented way.

United Cargo

United Delivery Service’s commitment to measuring its performance and constant improvement of its services provides the auto sector with the most efficient delivery solutions. They understand that when the spares are readily available, customers are pleased. UDS provides a solution to assist you in delivering the right products to the right place at the given time.

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For a number of years, UDS has done business with key banking customers. They have earned their reputation for their prompt, secure, and timely delivery of their customers’ shipments. Their experienced, competent drivers will securely transport products between your processing facilities and your bank’s location. Your confidence, trust, and loyalties will come from USD’s dedication to providing excellent customer service.

UDS Tracking

UDS understands the healthcare management needs, compliance, and increased security from working with healthcare companies for over 25 years. They’ll be able to ensure the security of your products with meticulously designed procedures that ensure the safety of every step in the chain of events.

UDS offers customers a wide array of flexible and affordable shipping solutions. Their residential services provide the security and reliability that one needs, in addition to the efficiency that today’s sophisticated customers expect. UDS has designed a home-based shipping system that covers a wide enough area to give consumers substantial savings in costs for delivery to almost every location within the Midwest. Their B2C business has gained a lot from their technological innovations.

UDS Shipping

United Delivery Service is located in Illinois and provides UDS Shipping services in Waukegan, Indiana, and Wisconsin. UDS offers pickup and delivery services depending on the demand of clients and eliminates the time limitations of a strict “one size that fits all” delivery system. UDS’s infrastructure is flexible and versatile, allowing them to accommodate the demands of its clients faster.

75% of their next-day cargos are residential and are shipped before 8:00 pm each day. In the case of commercial addresses, deliveries are made at 6 pm in the event that the business is operating.

They’re hassle-free to integrate into your inter-career shipping process, and they’ll aid you in meeting your supply chain goals as well as business requirements.

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You can trust your projects with United Delivery Service if you need goods deliveries frequently or if you rely on pickups or drop-offs on specific routes. If you need deliveries to single or multiple locations, they’ll plan and deliver to or from each stop based on your needs.

United Delivery Service has designed innovative Same-Day delivery solutions for brick-and-mortar stores and online, allowing your products to be delivered to your clients within hours after placing an order. We offer a broad range of integration and interface technology to ensure that both you and your customers can view every step from beginning to end.

UDS Tracking

Through a series of verifiable transactions that occur during every stage of a shipping process, UDS tracking offers a complete Chain-of-Custody and provides insight into the status or progress of your products.

The company has an official website that is regularly updated and maintained continuously to provide customers with easy tracking of parcels.

Customers can track their parcels by entering delivery notification numbers, orders number, or tracking code.

Customer Service


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Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181

Phone: 630-930-5201