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About Avianca Express

Avianca offers an extensive range of products and services that meet its clients’ air cargo transportation requirements. They offer general cargo and items that need special attention during shipment. The special care items comprise living animals, human remains, perishable products, dangerous cargo, and much more. Transportation services are offered between one airport to another only.

Some businesses require shipping goods that are bigger and heavy. In order to facilitate these businesses, Avianca provides a special ramp equipped with special equipment, professionally trained, and a loadmaster when required.

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Contrary to other service providers, Avianca offers transportation for live animals. There are standard operating procedures to be observed for the security of animals in the carriage. Avianca offers priority boarding, ramp handling, personal handling, and transportation of animal handlers.

Avianca is well-known for its ability to handle difficulties; they also handle hazardous products that are potentially dangerous items or substances that could threaten safety, health, or property when transported. These items require special handling and operations. With that in mind, Avianca offers priority boarding and specialized handling by trained professionals and storage in specially designed areas for these deliveries.

Avianca Express tracking

Avianca Express tracking has numerous advantages. You can utilize courier tracking to know exactly where your parcel is in the delivery process. It’s useful in the way that you can be aware of the best time you should prepare and send your items to ensure that they arrive on time to the person who will receive them. It will also update you on the delivery, transit time, and quality in advance.

Avianca Express Tracking

Avianca Express shipping delivers products to your doorstep and lets you track and trace your consignments. The tracking feature is handy, especially for those who use it regularly, because they determine the date of arrival and time of the delivery in advance. That allows you to provide the time and date for delivery to your clients instead of delivering the goods yourself.

The tracking system allows users to determine what stage the parcel is in or which delivery stage it has cleared. You’ll know when your goods were sent out, handed to a courier, in transit, or delivered.

The entire delivery route is available by entering the AWB code on the tracking page. Alongside the order history, the tracking information also provides the date and time of delivery to allow you to plan for the delivery of the package and be ready when delivery is scheduled.

The tracking feature is vital since it offers complete transparency to customers and allows them to have control over their delivery. It stops them from fretting about a delivery, thus making them feel at ease and making the process easy to use.

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Avianca Express tracking USA allows Avianca to provide what’s essential for their customers so that they can enjoy a hassle-free experience without problems.

Customer Support

There are various ways to get in touch with the Avianca Express team. One method is to input your details and query under their site’s contact us tab. Alternatively, you can contact them at the following addresses given below:

Fort Lauderdale

Address: 3519 SW 2nd. Ave., Bay #7, Fort Lauderdale, Fl 33315

Telephone: (305) 5266720 xt 1513 / (305) 5266720 Option # 3

Fax: (305) 894 1632


Address: 1650 NW 66th Ave. Bldg. 708 Suite 206 Miami FL. 33126

Commercial Phone: +1 561 556 0600 Option 1 o Extension 3051542