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Do you want to get updates on your shipment coming via Polamer? Enter the Polamer tracking number to get the updates.

Polamer USA Overview

Polamer Inc is the largest Polish American mail-order company that began its operation in Chicago in 1972. For half a century, they have been serving Polish society’s needs and helping in retaining ties with their dear ones in Poland.

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The company’s headquarters is based in Puawska 427 Street, Warsaw, where central warehouses for sea and air exports are established. Because of the close proximity of Chopin Airport (Okcie), air cargo can be picked up swiftly. You can ship your packages to most European countries by sea or air with Polamer. It offers delivery at economical rates, which most of the other transportation companies can’t match.

Think about shipping 4 pounds of cargo to Poland for a mere $20; your package is delivered in five to seven business days, and you can monitor its status online. Simply send your parcel to Polamer stores, or mail it to them from any location across the United States, and they will take care of it.

Polamer Tracking

When customers are looking for a shipping company to deliver or transport their packages, tracking is the most critical aspect they take into consideration. That is due to the fact that tracking solutions alleviate clients’ stress about their cargo and give detailed information.

Polamer has some of the most sophisticated tracking technologies in the market. Click on the search button after entering the Polamer tracking number in the dialogue box. Alternatively, you can get in touch with Polamer customer service at 773.685. 8222, and they will offer you the Polamer tracking number and they will assist you in tracking your shipment status.

Polamer Tracking

The order history comprises all the details, as Polamer USA offers information about the day and time when your package reached their warehouse, was dispatched for delivery, was in transit, and was delivered.

Clients can use all the information provided by Polamer, as they can track and trace their shipments and stay connected to their packages until they are delivered. Clients are informed beforehand in case their shipment gets delayed, enabling them to plan accordingly. This gives clients much-needed confidence in the shipment carrier.

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Contact Details

Phone: 773.685.8222

Email: info@polamerusa.com​