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To check your package status with Newgistics Tracking, enter the number above, and within a few seconds, the tracker will fetch the order details.

About Newgistics

Newgistics is a logistics and supply chain management company that offers retail e-commerce businesses solutions for transportation, manufacturing, shipping, and distribution. The company was founded in Austin, Texas, in 1999; after that, the company became a part of Pitney Bowes, a prominent transportation and logistics enterprise.

You can access various services, including the Newgistics tracker, through the Pitney Bowes online platform. That is a result of Pitney Bowes’ acquisition that encompassed all the freight forwarding responsibilities of Newgistics. The company quickly began innovating and implementing new techniques to elevate transportation, warehousing, and parcel delivery solutions in the U.S.

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Newgistics shipments and its transportation, package, and courier services have a global reputation for excellence, thanks to its integration with Pitney Bowes. The company also provides various customizable freight forwarding options, catering to the needs of its commercial and public clients operating e-commerce platforms.

The company is recognized for delivering customized solutions matching the unique needs of every customer. Thanks to the positive ties with customs officials in many leading countries, Pitney Bowes ensures seamless deliveries. Its expansive and efficient logistics system allows for shipping and delivery across Latin America and over 210 other countries across the globe. Key partners such as USPS, UPS, and DHL make it easier for them to provide reliable and secure services.

Newgistics Tracking

Pitney Bowes has a useful tracking system, which is accessible on their official website. Customers can quickly and accurately locate their packages, shipments, or couriers with the Newgistics package tracking program. Simply enter your Newgistics tracking number to view the order status. A Newgistics tracking number is a unique number issued once the payment transaction is completed, which is digitally registered on every package or shipment and sent via email.

Newgistics Tracking

Various online platforms allow users to track and locate their packages or shipments. Importantly, the system provides critical details about Newgistics shipments, such as their real-time location, status, transportation mode, and estimated arrival date. That service will also offer a comprehensive history of Newgistics shipments.

Thanks to the Newgistics global tracking, clients can find exactly where their shipments are in the delivery cycle, as they can access the detailed order history. It also displays the timestamp of your product passing through various checkpoints, like the storage facility, transportation, and delivery. As a customer, if the tracking information hasn’t been updated for more than 36 hours, you can reach the Newgistics team for updates.

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