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About MSC Tracking

MSC is the acronym for Mediterranean Shipping Company, specializing in the freight and shipping sector. It is a global corporation that operates in more than 160 countries and serves as many people around the globe as it is possible. They provide global trade services between leading economies in the world as well as between emerging markets across all continents.

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MSC was incorporated in 1970 and established its headquarters in 1978 in Geneva, Switzerland. It is a privately held company and is considered the market leader in the container shipping industry. They grew from a single vessel operation to more than 600 vessels and over 15000 employees becoming a world-renowned shipping company.

In order to set the benchmarks for digital shipping, MSC is a key player in the development of smart containers within the shipping industry. There are 527 office locations by which shippers can get in touch with the company representatives should they face any issues and also solve any communication gap that could emerge. MSC provides various e-business options to help customers make digital cargo reservations.

Over time, MSC has broadened its offerings and diversified its activities, which is why they now offer logistics, road transportation, and a growing array of port terminal investments. The main goal of MSC is to build and maintain long-term relationships with their partners as well as all kinds of clients, irrespective of their size or scope.

Msc Tracking

MSC invests lots of effort in comprehending and learning about its clients. That way, they can customize their services to the requirements and needs of their clients. This strategy of MSC to get extra value from their clients has led them to become market leaders and shipping industry pundits. Moreover, MSC provides services such as dry cargo, refrigerated cargo, storage and warehousing solutions, cross-trading cargo trailers, customs clearance, and more.

MSC Container Tracking

MSC has created an entire page on its website to ‘track a shipment.’ By clicking the tab, you’ll be asked to enter the container number or BOL number in order to check the status of your order, order history, and MSC cargo tracking.

When you book your shipment with MSC, you’re provided with a receipt containing the details of your shipping and billing. The receipt also has BOL or container numbers, which you can use on the MSC website to get all the information regarding your package.

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You are informed of the day and time your package was taken out of the MSC facility, shipped, in transit, or it was delivered. In addition to real-time updates, MSC also provides estimated date and timing for the package’s delivery to ensure that the recipient can be available to receive the package.

The entire tracking process enhances customer satisfaction and increases their value to them as it stops customers from worrying about their parcels. It also offers the customer transparency regarding the whole delivery process and allows them to control the delivery of their package.

Customer Support

You can get in touch with the MSC customer support team at the following number.

Phone: +41227038888


Address: MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company SA Chemin Rieu 12-14,1208 Geneva Switzerland