IPS Tracking – Check Shipment Status

Do you want to know more about your order through IPS tracking? Enter your tracking code in the dialogue box.

IPS Overview

International Package Shipping is a globally recognized parcel shipping company. IPS provides the best international shipping solutions at the lowest possible rates. The company specializes in orders from customers to customers from the United States to European Union.

IPS has been at the forefront of the global shipping industry over the last 60 years. They strive to offer their customers top-quality and efficient service at a reasonable price. Moreover, it has more than 350 franchises across the United States.

The freight service makes sure that the parcels reach their destination in a secure way without a scratch. They’re on a quest to maintain the trust they have built over the years in the heart of their clients.

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The comprehensive network of ocean, trucking, and air-cargo carriers operates efficiently to make sure the packages remain in good shape throughout the delivery. That enhances the satisfaction of the customers in the service and adds up value when using their courier service.

Alongside carrying shipments that weigh up to 150 pounds, they also handle transporting large items such as scooters, motorbikes, and automobiles.

If you’re looking to send your parcel to multiple international destinations, then you can safely bet on IPS. They have a whole range of shipping options that can deliver goods directly from the USA all the way up to the European Union by sea and air.

Additionally, with their knowledgeable network of transporters who know the local markets, you can send all your parcels directly to the beneficiary.

IPS Parcel Shipping Cost

They offer fixed rates slabs for packages of a certain weight within an acceptable range. However, you’ll be charged extra dollars if your parcel weighs above acceptable limits.

IPS Tracking

It is possible to calculate the shipping rates using the calculator on their site. Check out the website for more details about freight charges and expected arrival times.

Why Choose IPS?

Using IPS is a fantastic option for those who buy online outside of the US to receive their goods securely delivered to their homes. You can avail of their services to buy from any virtual shop or auction, such as eBay.

In accordance with IPS policies, they only ship with the world’s most trusted and well-known companies like UPS, FedEx, and DHL. This way, they can guarantee prompt and timely delivery of your purchases.

Get your packages delivered in no time and at an affordable rate from IPS. They can help you save as much as 60% off your shipping expenses. IPS also provides discounts and reasons due to its solid connection with other carriers they partner with.

IPS Tracking

Do you face the hassle of waiting for a package you ordered endlessly? The entire waiting game can be exhausting, especially if you skip the delivery due to your busy day-to-day schedule. That means you’ve to wait for your order to be rescheduled within a couple of days.

To avoid pain in the bottom situations, IPS has an in-house tracking solution, which allows you to stay in touch with your order at all times. It’s a more efficient way to be aware of the specifics regarding your order, including its location as well as the delivery process stage it is in.

That can be extremely helpful to you in managing your deliveries and receiving them in a better-organized and planned manner. Additionally, you can track the entire route of your package until it is delivered.

How to Track the Order?

To get going with IPS tracking, type in the tracking code in the text field area and then click on “Track My Order.” The system will display all pertinent information regarding your purchase.

In case you’re using the shipping service for the first time, you’ll be wondering where to get my tracking number from. At the time you place your order, you will get an email with a confirmation, which contains information about your order, including the tracking number. You can retrieve the number from your email and start tracking your order.

Once you have the code with you, you’re nearly there. It takes a couple of seconds to process the data and then retrieve the information. In this way, you’ll be relieved to know about the purchase and delivery time.

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You’ll be able to determine if your shipment is still in the warehouse or has been moved to be shipped or delivered.

Delivery tracking systems have transformed the way that people use courier services. Unlike before, everything steps in the delivery process is well documented by the tracking software, which keeps you in touch with your package until it is delivered.


IPS provides great and unique delivery solutions worldwide for individuals as well as corporate clients. Solid business processes complemented with the latest technology play a crucial part in the smooth running of the business. Additionally, their skilled and well-trained staff is regarded to be one of the primary strengths of the business.

It is a good idea to use their services to benefit in terms of cost-efficiency as well as the quality of the courier services they provide to their clients. Satisfaction of the customer is the goal they have in mind while serving their clientele.

IPS tracking is pretty straightforward; simply paste the tracking code into the search box. If you face any difficulties tracking and tracing your order, you can get in touch with customer support at (413) 693 0065. The company’s customer service representatives are always ready to assist you with inquiries and questions during the week.

Alternatively, you can email them at info@internationalpackageshipping.com; they generally respond within 48 hours after receiving the email.

You can also visit their website https://www.internationalpackageshipping.com/en/index to know more about their new services and promotions!