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About Master Air

Master Air Express Co. Ltd has been assisting customers with all aspects of their transportation needs since its incorporation in 1999. They oversee transferring goods and documents to their clients around the globe.

In addition, Master Air also offers trustworthy and professional courier services to business partners that are looking for cost-effective solutions. Master Air is the best choice for companies looking to improve their delivery performance. They are one of a kind and highly efficient in global shipping.

They provide air cargo services for shipment across the world. Moreover, Master Air offers cost-effective solutions that are lasered focused on smooth, quick transit proceedings, regular communication, intermodal transport, and consolidation.

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Master Air also plays a role as a customs broker; they guide clients who are importers or exporters about the declaration of shipments to customs and border protection. They ensure that the shipment is delivered to customers without any delays. Master Air’s worldwide express service makes sure that all service providers deliver their shipments promptly to customers around the globe.

Master Air Mission

Master Air’s mission in transporting documents and goods to their customers around the globe is to exceed their customers’ expectations. In order to make that possible, Master Air Cardo provides brokerage, along with global express services.

These services allow Master Air to offer air transportation solutions to transport goods and documents along with Customer brokerages to assist customers with custom duties and policies to help them get their shipment through customs quickly and offer worldwide express service to ensure service providers are prompt and efficient.


Master Air offers many services that you can access on their website by clicking on the services tab. They offer tracking, global export and import services, customs clearing, air & sea freight services, as well as global domestic services.

If you’re looking to export something quickly, then don’t fret because Master Air offers express shipping services that allow you to export goods in less than 24 hours to more than 220 countries across the globe.

Using global import services, you can import any item from more than 100 countries. These services include the collection of your package from its origin and delivery to your home. All this is done under an invoice in your native currency. Master Air allows you to import using a simple email with your import requirements.

With customs clearing services, they offer import processes along with customs clearance services at a lower price. That includes delivery to your home of any imported goods or documents. Additionally, Master Air can ship large, unusually sized, or heavy shipments anywhere in the world via road, sea, or air without any restrictions.

Similarly, Master Air also offers global domestic services, including collecting and delivering domestic goods and documents across the country. You can also choose when you would like the package picked up and delivered.


Master Tracking

Master Air delivers to its customers promptly and efficiently, not only in the local area but worldwide. It is easy to choose whether you want your delivery by air, road or sea. In case you have a heavy or unusual sized package, then you can opt for road or sea transportation; for small packages, you can choose air mail for same or next business day delivery.

Master Air’s delivery system guarantees that your product is safely delivered to the destination. Their delivery system makes it easy to import a product. Your parcel is collected from the origin and delivered on your date.

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Moreover, If the package is for domestic delivery, Master Air makes sure to pick up or deliver your package at the specific time you provide.

Master Tracking

If you wish to have the package delivered to your address or to arrive quickly and be aware of exactly when it will arrive and the date of delivery, you can use your master air tracking code to find the location of your parcel. When you reserve your parcel, you’ll be issued a consignment id along with your payment details.

The consignment number you receive is used to track the shipment of your goods and documents. You can track your package by entering your tracking number on their page ‘track your shipment.’ You will also find the date and time of delivery to make sure you don’t have to wait unnecessarily.

Master Order Status

Not only do you want to know the delivery date and time of the package, but you also want the exact location of your package at the moment. You can check the status of your order by using your consignment number. That will show you the exact location of the package, whether it is at customs or in cargo.

The order status facility ensures that customers have complete control over their package during transit making them confident that their parcel isn’t lost but, in fact, in the process of being delivered to its destination. With a plethora of options, such as order tracking and order status notifications, you don’t have to worry about whether Master Air Tracking will deliver your parcel.

Customer Support

You can contact Master Air by filling out the form under the “contact us” tab on their website. You need to fill in your personal details and comments along with the master tracking number to get a reply from them. To get in touch with the Master Air office, use the following information:

Phone: +88-02-223353396-97


Timings: Firday-Thursday, 8am to 8pm