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Do you want to know your Bpost order status? You can enter the Bpost tracking code in the search box above to get all the details.

About Bpost

Bpost, or The Belgian Post Group, is the world’s leading provider of logistics and postal services. It is the biggest employer in Belgium, with over 65,000 employees.

Bpost provides a variety of parcel delivery services, such as express delivery, regular delivery, and economy delivery. Bpost also offers a variety of services that are specialized, including ecommerce and direct mailing.

For many years, Bpost has been Belgium’s most reliable and cost-effective postal service. Due to the rise of online shopping, Bpost has expanded its offerings to include parcel tracking as well as delivery notifications to astheir customers.

Through their trustworthy service, customers can deliver and receive packages around the world easily.

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Bpost USP

  • Bpost is the biggest employer in Belgium.
  • Offers services that are specialized like direct mail and E-commerce
  • Provides multiple parcel delivery options
  • The world’s leading provider of logistic and postal services
  • Offers affordable and reliable postage service
  • Provide tracking of parcels and delivery notifications for their clients.

Bpost Mission

Bpost’s goal is to be the most customer-focused postal service around the globe. They strive hard to give their customers the best experience by providing affordable and reliable services specifically tailored to their specific needs.

You can check the Bpost website for additional information. As one of their most reliable services, Bpost Tracking stands above all other parcel delivery services. Following their slogan of “The Post That Always Delivers,” Bpost assures not only a trustworthy delivery service but also provides a complete tracking solution that keeps you updated on your parcel each step of the way.

Moreover, you can also check the detailed instructions on how you can use the Bpost tracking solutions on their official website.

Bpost is the largest service provider for logistics and postal solutions in Belgium and across the globe. With a variety of delivery options for parcels, along with special services like direct mail and E-commerce, Bpost is committed to giving its customers the most enjoyable experience. With extensive tracking for all packages, Bpost makes it easy to monitor the progress of your parcel at every step of the process.

Bpost Tracking Belgium

Bpost Tracking

You can track the status of your Bpost international parcel by entering your Bpost tracking code on their website, regardless of whether you require details on Bpost’s international or domestic tracking.

You can follow these steps to track your package.

  • Visit the Bpost website.
  • Click on the “Tracking” tab.
  • Paste the Bpost international tracking number into the search box.
  • Click on “Track”

You’ll be able to see accurate and updated information regarding your package, including the current location and the estimated delivery date. It is also possible to know the history of previous shipments.

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In addition, entering your Bpost tracking number into the above box can aid you in tracking your order. If you use Bpost’s reliable and low-cost services, you can be confident that your package will arrive on time and without a hitch.

Bpost Tracking Contact Details


Postbox 5000, 1000 Brussels

Contact us using these numbers:

02 278 51 26