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Marken Overview

Marken, a wholly-owned subsidiary of UPS, will lead you through the entire pharmaceutical process, right from clinical trials to commercialization. They give patients across the globe a chance to connect with medicines through their services.

Marken provides a GMP-compliant depot network along with logistics to store and supply across 58 locations worldwide. Their employees handle the delivery of drug products and biological samples at different temperatures using dry ice.

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Marken has a special position in the pharma and logistics industries due to its exceptional services, such as cell and gene supply chains, storage and distribution, GDP, and other unique solutions that no competitor offers.

Mission of Marken

Since its inception, Marken’s mission has always been consistent. They strive hard to provide what matters the most to the people. They desire to connect people worldwide with new medications for their well-being.

To stay on course with its mission, Marken has been supplying medication at numerous locations across the globe. Generally, it is challenging to transport medicines that need to be moved around at specific temperatures. However, Marken ensures that patients are satisfied by providing delivery at the required temperatures.

They’ve become industry leaders dues to their extraordinary services, such as direct-to-patient and home healthcare services for their patients that may require services in the comfort of their homes. The Marken courier is delivered in excellent condition and well-packed to the patient’s home.

Services Offered

When you visit their website, you will find a wide array of products and services they offer, including medicines, home healthcare services, and storage and shipping of intoxicants.

With a biological sample shipping service, Marken distributes numerous biopharmaceuticals, including vaccines, peptides, hormones, and proteins. Every pack is custom-made to meet the demands of the patients and then delivered in a temperature-controlled environment.

Marken Tracking

Marken offers transportation at each level; Marken’s Closed Loop service, which is a new concept, solves its supply chain issues. It collects the boxes from businesses and refurbishes them for future use, making it easy for companies.

Marken uses a secure system for booking and tracking that is utilized to cater the all needs for services, along with logistics and delivery to patients and companies.

Global Project Management

Marken’s project management team knows the significance of shipments and appreciates every aspect of clinical trial processes to make sure that all shipments are transported safely and securely without delay.

They illustrate and create a plan for the project and convey it to the Marken team and their clients. In addition, they offer project status reports and make sure that clinical trial supplies are processed on time by adhering to all SOPs.

Marken Transport and Logistic Options

Marken is the only logistic firm that provides services at all levels; they have three logistic services: Specialty Express, Express, and Hybrid.

For many years, Marken has been offering supply chain solutions to pharma and the life science industries. Moreover, Specialty Logistics Service can deliver time and temperature-bound packages to far-off countries and regions.

UPS Express service enables you to ship parcels in developed regions during business hours. It is an expedited service as it offers overnight and next-day services; hence you no longer have to wait for hours in case of an emergency.

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Marken Tracking

Marken’s goal is to serve patients globally. While it is challenging to serve patients and businesses worldwide as drugs need to be transported in recommended temperatures to keep them safe for use. Hence, they have come up with a reliable shipping system.

You won’t need to worry about drugs getting spoiled on their way to you as Marken has a reliable temperature-controlled delivery system where the temperature of medications is controlled with the help of dry ice.

The Marken courier is delivered to you in pristine condition and with fantastic timing. Regular delivery times are 3-4 days under normal circumstances; however, they can be stretched depending on the weather.

Marken Shipment Tracking

When you click on the checkout button, you start to think about the time parcel will take to get delivered. In order to serve customers, Marken has come up with an efficient tracking system called FastTrack.

Marken’s FastTrack service can be found on its website. Simply enter the Marken courier tracking number which you got while placing your order. The tracking facility supports both international and domestic Marken courier services. Additionally, using this facility can track up to 25 shipments at once.

Marken Order Status

Besides order tracking, Marken also tells you where your order has reached at the moment. When you enter your Marken courier tracking number, you’ll get all the information, such as consignor name, real-time location, dispatch, and delivery date. They will also keep you informed in case there is any delay.

Customer Service

You can connect with Marken by visiting their Contact Page, where you will find three options. The first option is to connect to their global team member, which redirects you to your email so you can write an email to them.

The next option is to look for the nearest Marken office within your area with the help of the map. The last option is to return the Marken package or device, which will redirect you to your email so you can write to them.