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Asiana Cargo Overview

Asiana Cargo provides exceptional service while maintaining a customer-first policy. Asiana Cargo is continuously evolving to offer a delightful and risk-free experience. Overseas airlines flying to South Korea get the best cargo service.

The large area of operations of Incheon Airport International Airlines Station, along with in-warehouse automated logistics capabilities, computer processing of import or export cargo, skilled operation, and client-focused attitude, allows Asiana Airlines to provide the best cargo solutions to domestic and foreign airlines.

Asiana Airlines cargo tracking can deliver your consignment to its final destination, even if it’s outside its transportation network. Asiana Airlines offers a truck feeder service to transport goods from their air transportation network to various locations.

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Asiana Airlines broaden its transportation network by connecting to non-destinations via its straight flight routes. Every vehicle has a number plate, which allows you to track and trace the freight carrier’s route in real-time using Asiana Cargo’s tracking system.

Your consignment is linked to a transportation provider for expedited delivery once you reach the airport. In case the route is completely booked, your consignment may get delivered to the nearest city and then transported back to you through the road feeder network.

On March 2001, Asiana Airlines launched its Incheon Cargo Station operations in concurrence with the inauguration of Incheon International Airport. It is Asiana’s primary terminal that controls over 750000 tonnes of cargo annually. It began as a 28350m2 facility; however, in July 2005, the port was expanded to 44,099m2, which enabled them to upgrade their logistical capabilities.

Asiana Tracking

Asiana cargo tracking English is a distinguished courier service that caters to clients across the globe. Their tracking services have earned accolades from customers, who are able to track their cargo status in real time.

Asiana Cargo Tracking

Asiana air cargo tracking offers in-depth details about your cargo, including approximate delivery date and time. That information is crucial for clients as the consignor doesn’t have to fret about the package, and the consignee can be available at the delivery time.

Clients can avail the Asiana airlines cargo tracking service to ensure that their cargo doesn’t get lost or misplaced and is in safe hands. They offer complete transparency, as nothing is hidden from the clients. Moreover, Clients benefit from the Asiana Airlines shipment tracking as they are informed beforehand in case their consignment is arriving late.

Clients can easily track their cargo at any time through the Asiana Cargo website, which reassures them and eliminates the need to worry. Enter the mandatory information on their webpage after clicking the website’s ‘track’ button, and all the information related to cargo is displayed in a jiffy.

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Customer Service

You can get in touch with the Asiana customer service department if you have any queries related to your cargo. They have a dedicated team to answer your questions and comments.