Eco Post Tracking | Shipment Status Israel

Do you want to know more details about your package status? Enter the Eco Post tracking number in the dialogue box given above.

Eco Post Overview

Eco Post is a service that is provided by the Israel post company. Currently, it operates in 24 countries that fall within the company’s scope and service area. The artwork you purchase at Nurit Jewish Art is delivered through eco-shipping.

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The company was founded in memory of Nurit Galili, the mother of Guta and Motel Haikyn. People appreciated and respected her due to her heartfelt relationship with God. When she passed away, her mother took the lead in dedicating her love and talents to helping the world.

Shipping And Payment Method

To find out which shipping method is suitable for you, it is necessary to enter information such as a delivery address, ZIP code, and state when you book your order. The system will redirect you to a page that allows you to review the shipping methods that meet your requirements.

In addition, it accepts PayPal for payments. Hence, you’re not required to open an additional Paypal account to conduct transactions. You can utilize your existing PayPal account along with your credit card too.

Shipping Costs and ETA

When we talk about art, many art enthusiasts are out there. If you share the same love for art, then you’re aware of the excitement that piggybanks with artwork coming from a website. You want to work with a service that isn’t just reliable but also can deliver your items in pristine condition.

Eco Post Tracking

Eco Post offers fast and effective delivery solutions. They deliver the packages within the scheduled time, which means you don’t have to wait unnecessarily for your packages to arrive.

Usually, it takes around 4-7 working days for packages to get the door delivered to the recipient. However, if you’re expecting a package from Australia and Hongkong, your shipment can take 10-12 days to reach you.

ECO Post Tracking

When you place an order on their website, they’ll prompt you to add your details, including your email address. By utilizing that email address, they will provide you with an eco post tracking number that you can use on the Israeli postal company’s website for tracking.

Simply use the Eco Post Israel tracking number on the website, or use the tracking tool at the top of this page. If you head to the carrier’s official website, you can find the tracking and tracing option for your packages. Go to the ‘search for information on item number’ and click on the search option.

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When you add the tracking code to the tracker, the system will retrieve all the information related to the package. With this fast and simple tracking method, you’ll stay in touch with your artwork until it arrives at your doorstep.

In case your tracking code isn’t working or displays an error, you can contact their customer service department for help.

Contact Details

Tel: International: +97248100801

Mobile: International: +972522455095