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Yusen Terminal Overview

Yusen Terminal LLC, or YTI, has a state-of-the-art maritime cargo port inside Los Angeles port. It was established in the year 1991 at Berths 212-218 at the Terminal. The highly competent administration team at YTI is dedicated to efficient freight transportation with an emphasis on customer satisfaction and timely delivery of products.

The company currently has eleven Post Panamax Gantry cranes operating with six of the most cutting-edge SuperPosts Panamax Gantry cranes. YTI is committed to offering “Best-in-Class” services to all of their clients and also a complete range of solutions for ocean terminals to the logistics and transportation sector.

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Their management team boasts an average of 143 years of experience in the field. They’re well-positioned to ensure that they keep Yusen Stations LLC at the forefront of the maritime cargo terminal market, with diverse experiences and proven track records of accomplishment.

YTI is glad to announce that the empty for dual exemption movements has been made! Get all the information about your shipments, containers, and operational details, from maps to measurements.

Yusen Tracking

Customers look forward to the tracking services of a company after considering the quality of operations and delivery speed. That is because tracking systems provide clients control over the delivery as they are aware of where their package is located at that moment.

Customers also gain from the tracking solutions since nothing is hidden from them. You can find the expected delivery date and time by using the Yusen terminal container tracking service.

Yusen Terminal Tracking

Customers are not required to wait for long durations with the Yusen Air freight tracking. It is also easy for the recipient to be available to receive the package. In addition, the Yusen tracking service also provides details, including order status, as well as an entire route of the client’s order. Just type in the Yusen tracking number for Yusen container tracking to receive real-time updates regarding your delivery.

That includes the date and time when their order was at different locations, like the warehouse, the transportation center, and even delivery.

Moreover, it also tells you the real-time location of your parcel. The customer is informed beforehand if their package is delayed, which eliminates the risk of losing the package. Customers can also make alternate arrangements in case of emergency.

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Customer Service

Yusen terminal customer care team is the main reason behind the loyal customer base. They’ve been striving to respond to customer queries and assist in every possible way. Contact them at the number given below to get an estimate for your package, track the progress of your delivery, or receive answers to any questions you may have:


Port of Los Angeles

Berth 212-223

701 New Dock Street

Terminal Island, CA 90731

PHONE: (310) 548-8000