What Time Does the Post Office Close?

What Time Does the Post Office Close? | What is USPS closing hours | What time do the post office close today? | Post office closing time on Saturday? | P.O Box Delivery and Pickup Services timings?

The United States Postal Service, often referred to as USPS and U.S. Mail offers consumers and companies a comprehensive solution for all letters and deliveries via their shipping and postal operations. This organization is principally responsible for providing postal services across the nation. It is revolutionizing how people conduct business and is proving that it is an integral part of the United States infrastructure.

Many consumers aren’t able to avail this service because they do not know the regular hours of operation. To make the most of this service, it is essential to understand the USPS operation hours discussed in this article. To find out what time does the post office close, read on.

At What Time Does the Post Office closes

Services offered

The United States Postal Service (USPS) offers many services. United States Postal Services has changed its approach over the years by providing its clients with a wide range of services and expanding its reach across the country. USPS operates with distinct hours for each service, which has led to an organized and efficient sector, which has increased productivity and earnings.

USPS offers Domestic as well as International Mailing and shipping service for its end customers and business clients; furthermore, they also offer Express mail, which is a kind that is first class mail.

Whereas, the commercial and financial transactions and money orders are handled via The Postal Service, including Bulk mail. Recently, they’ve expanded their services to include passport applications and consultations.

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Track Delivery, Hold Mail, Protection from International Shipments & Mailing Signed Verification of Signatures, holidays and Mailing Delivery, and Customized Stamped Envelopes are just a few of the additional services offered.

Post Office Business hours

It is essential to know the postal office business hours to correctly plan and coordinate the date and time of arrival of your shipment or letters. Therefore, the next question is how to determine when the U.S. post office will operate. The typical office hours for the USPS vary between 8.30 am and 5.00 pm. However, every county’s timing might vary. To illustrate, consider the following:

The Highbridge Post Office is operational from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm, located at 1315 Inwood Ave, Bronx, NY 10452.

The Arlington Post Office is open between 10.00 am and 4.00 pm, located at 3500 Dolfield Ave, Baltimore, MD 3500 Dolfield Ave, Baltimore, MD 21215.

The Bay Ridge Post Office is open from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm, located at 7th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11220.

It is evident in the above examples; that USPS business hours differ by district and state. The official website for the United States Postal Service has additional data. For all provinces and their urban centers, the site has complete information about the title for the office of the Post, its location, the postal Box number, and the hours of operation.

What is USPS closing hours?

USPS operating hours can differ by state and are determined by the number of people living there, the commercial impact, and the purpose of usage. Compared to a town with a population of less than 5000, the postal service in a city with a significant population has more extended business hours. Most of the time, the closing time of USPS will be 5 pm.

What time do the post offices close today?

The primary question that pops into your mind is What Time Does the Post Office Close today? The issue gets more attention during the holiday season, and more people are worried about the time of day.

The standard operating hours of post office services, for instance, between 8.30 am and 4.30 pm, could be used to access the most critical services offered by the post office like buying stamps, mailing parcels, etc. But, for more specific services, such as going to the P.O. Box, you must consider the post office’s operating hours, which are found in the post office Lobby.

Post office hours
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The USPS has started accepting requests for passport renewals, changes of location, and other matters. The services are not offered at all post offices; however, they are provided at the town’s and the city’s major ones, and appointments are necessary.

A handful of USPS locations allow walk-in consultation on passport processing at specific times; you will find details about office hours for these functions on their official website.

Retail Hours

Postmasters provide all weekly retail services for up to 9 hours unless the region manager, Customer Service, and Marketing department are categorically specified.

The purchase of stamps, mailing and shipping items to the Postal and mailing items to a P.O. Box, obtaining money orders, and sending troops cash are all possible to be completed within retail hours. Since Global Express Guaranteed times are typically the same as retail hours, all international mail and delivery are likely during USPS retail hours.

Post offices that are popular such as those mentioned above could offer extended hours of retail on Saturdays. However, USPS centers in different locations might be closed.

Lobby Hours

During business hours, customers need to have access to their parcels. The different Post Office box lobbies should remain open in the mail department or mail center. The lobbies are available according to the discretion of the postmaster for customers to access Post Office mailboxes and self-service workstations when you are an inspector with the Inspection Service deems customer safety security, privacy, or police security to be appropriate.

Collection Timings

It is when the Post Office would collect those packages or mail for the same day clearance. Therefore, if you walk to the office after the Last Collection hours on Friday, the mail won’t be delivered until Monday. On regular days, the final delivery of mail at the postal office situated at 75E Broadway, New York, is midnight; on Saturdays, it’s 11.15 am.

What are the Bulk Mail Acceptance Timings?

Organizations who wish to increase their visibility by using the massive United States Postal Service predominately avail this service. Generally, there are different timings for bulk mail; they traditionally start few hours down the line after commercial hours and conclude prior to normal closing hours. That ensures commercial packages don’t subjugate normal post office operations and there is enough time for other services.

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Self-Service Kiosks and Passport Services

Self-service workstations can be described as service centers that are typically available 24 x 7; they can be used by anyone and perform tasks like stamp printing, mailing, and much more. Each of the major post offices provides passport services. Passport photo services and passport interviews are clearly defined and can be utilized when required. Anyone who needs to visit out of the blue at any moment may do so using an appointment time given to them.

P.O. Box Delivery and Pickup Services

It’s a period in which mail, and packages, are delivered to post office containers. On weekends, the service is unavailable. Customers with an address for a P.O. Box in the United States postal service center can avail of the pickup service. The service is available on weekdays only.

USPS open hours

What Time Does the Post Office Close?

P.O. Boxes aren’t always in the same area as the post office, and are accessible 24 x 7, provided security and safety measures are in place.

National Holiday Rules

USPS is closed on national holidays such as President’s Day, New Year’s Eve, Memorial Day etc. Additionally, no postal services are available on Independence Day, 1st May i.e., Labor Day, Christmas and Thanksgiving Day. Post offices will operate only briefly on New Year’s Eve and the special Holidays.

Post Office Delivery Timings

International deliveries, Express Mail, National parcels, mail, and notified delivery are different kinds of delivery. Delivery dates are governed by timeframes similar to the ones used for the closing and opening U.S. postal systems.

For instance, all domestic mail and packages must be received at noon. While international mail and products must be delivered at 3 pm, Redelivery of goods can be arranged if they’re previously lost. Since the USPS is closed on weekends, deliveries of goods and mail are delayed.

USPS Mobile Application

USPS is not far from the pack when every company strives to be more user-friendly. It offers a smartphone app named “USPS MOBILE,” which is compatible with each iPhone and Android and is available in the App Store and the Google Play Store.

A variety of functions, like tracking your delivery or changing your address and waiting for mail and scheduling pickups, and many more, are accessible through this app that is widely used. Users can track their packages from the moment they are sent to when they are delivered using this application.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Post office closing time on Saturday?

For retail customers, the Post office closing time on Saturday is 1:00 pm, Lobby hours are 11:59 pm, and the Bulk Mail service is closed on Saturdays. Furthermore, the Post Office Box can be accessed up to 11:59 pm on Saturdays, whereas, self-Service Kiosks operate up to 11:59 pm, while the Pickup Service operational hours extend up to 1:00 pm on the weekend.

What are the Friday closing hours of the Post Office?

Retail Closing hours for Post Office on Fridays are until 5:45 pm. Lobby hours run until 11:59 pm Bulk Hours for Mail Acceptance start at 5:00 pm on Fridays. The P.O. box is available up to 11:59 pm; you can access the guaranteed Global Express Hours until 5:45 pm. Its Self Service Kiosks remain operational until 11:59 pm and offer pickup service available until 5:45 at 5:45 pm. It is possible to make appointments for passports until 3:00 pm on Fridays that are usually working.


Locating a post office close to your area is crucial to make it more convenient to trade with and access the entire range of services offered through the United States Postal Service. Several sources can be utilized to determine the closing and opening times of post offices across the country and their location and descriptions. The complete information is available through the USPS website.