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Ward Trucking Overview

Ward Transportation & Logistics Corp. was founded in 1931 by William W. Ward as a “one truck, two-man” operation. Gradually, with continued hard work and an ever-increasing number of motivated employees, Ward Trucking became a complete catalog of logistical solutions. The company has expanded with time; today, it is known as Ward Transport and Logistics.

As of date, it is owned and managed by the 4th generation of the Ward Family, who is in charge of the business; they’re resolute on expanding the business and scaling their business to new heights. Today, they’ve more than 1400 employees working for them, which helps them in growing their shipping and logistics business.

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Additionally, they endeavor to become their clients’ most efficient and trustworthy logistics partners. They have various services such as LTL and logistics and brokerage services. They serve more than 200 million people across the USA, Canada, Guam, and Puerto Rico.

Ward Trucking Tracking

Ward Trucking Tracking

A tracking system plays a pivotal role for any shipping company, as it can bring them customers as well as make them lose customers. Customers hate to wait around for their parcel or worry about their package location; hence they prefer carriers that offer tracking solutions.

Ward Trucking offers tracking services to its clients, which enables them to provide complete information related to packages to its customers. To avail of this service, customers need to provide a tracking number.

Additionally, Ward tracking also provides customers with up-to-date information regarding their package. It provides complete order history so clients can ascertain at which stage of the delivery cycle their package has reached. It gives details starting from the moment the package was placed in the warehouse until it was delivered to the receiver.

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With Ward trucking’s tracking facility, customers can learn about the estimated date and time of delivery. That enables customers to make timely arrangements in order to receive their package on time, as clients know the precise date and time of delivery ahead of time.

The tracking service is designed to make it easier for clients, as it keeps them informed in case there is a delay. Customers are given complete control over the whole delivery process, as there isn’t anything that is hidden from the customers due to timely notifications.

Ward Truck Tracking Customer Support

Ward trucking is renowned for its relationship with its clients through prompt responses as well as by providing customers in all possible ways. It is possible to contact Ward Trucking through the following addresses and numbers, and you will receive a prompt response to your inquiries:

Ward trucking is well-known for its relationship with their client through well-timed responses and by serving them in the best possible way. You can get in touch with Ward Trucking at the numbers and address given below for timely responses to your queries.

Physical Address:

Ward Transport & Logistics Corp.

1436 Ward Trucking Drive, Altoona, PA 16602

Mailing Address:

Ward Transport & Logistics Corp.

P.O. Box 1553, Altoona, PA 16603

Phone: 814-944-0803 / 800-458-3625

Fax: 814-944-5470

H.R. Confidential Fax: 814-944-1422