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Uzbekistan postal service has many expanded postal routes which used to receive and deliver the parcels, postal items, periodicals and state pensions. According to the geographical principle, the countries national postal net is organized by “Uzbekiston Pochtasi” Open Joint-Stock Company. It includes 14 regional divisions, structured in 177 country and city centres, out of 2986 post offices 2296 are present in rural area and others are in urban, “Halkaro Pochtamt” is the one specilized branch, also 2 railway route, 34 air routes, 436 automobile routes provides regular conveyance of postal items. “Uzbekiston Pochtasi” is the national operator of Uzbekistan (Open stock company). It provides for the exchange of various types of post office items with all countries of the world and fulfills the commitments of the Republic to the UPU.

Thecouriertracker application/website allow you to track the packages delivered by Uzbekistan post and also the parcel send from Singapore, Hong Kong, China or if you have bought goods on Joom, GearBest, AliExpress, BangGood, Taobao, eBay,, Shopee or any other popular online stores.

How to Track Uzbekistan Post Package?

If you want to track Uzbekistan Post parcel, to track your parcel you need to have Uzbekistan Post Tracking number with you. You can find this number on the confirmation email provided by Uzbekistan Post or any online store from which you have purchased goods for yourself. Copy this Uzbekistan Tracking Number and paste it in above text box and press Track Uzbekistan Package button. After pressingthis button you will be able see all the required details about your package, details like estimated delivery date and time of your package, current location and status, reason for delay if any etc.

How to Track Uzbekistan Post package in Canada, USA and UK?

You need to follow same process mention above just get your Uzbekistan post tracking number and track it using TheCourierTracker website.

How much time does Uzbekistan post take to deliver the package?

Uzbekistan Post deliver the package within the given time periods, they never delay the parcel unless it is avoidable condition like traffic, heavy rain, some country policy related issue and many more.

Uzbekistan Post Tracking | Uzbekistan Post Package Tracking | Uzbekistan Post Track & Trace | Check Parcel & Package Status LIVE | Logistics company

How Uzbekistan Tracking Number Looks Like?

Every package from Uzbekistan post has been assigned one tracking number also called as shipment ID or number. Uzbekistan post tracking number consist of combination of letter and digits

It looks like

  • For the small package weight upto 2 kg, the tracking number looks like Rx123456785UZ
  • For the package weight from 2 to 20 kg, then tracking number looks like Cx123456785UZ
  • For EMS shipment, the tracking number looks like Ex123456785UZ.

The first letter R indicates that the it is a small parcel, for shipment C will be the letter and E is for EMS shipment. The digits in all three case are unique and the last letter indicates the country postal service code from which the package was sent.