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Are you expecting a parcel via Sri Lanka Post? Enter the Sri Lanka Post tracking number in the dialogue box above to get all the information.

About Sri Lanka Post

In 1798, Dutch invaders established Sri Lanka Post within the Maritime Provinces, with six branches. Since then, it has grown into a colossal corporation employing over 24,000 individuals and serving nearly 25 million people across the country. Throughout its history, under various names, Sri Lanka Post has remained committed to serving its people.

By 2004, there was a Post Office for every 2,500 residents in the country. That means there is an outpost every 15 kilometers. Nowadays, most post offices are equipped with state-of-the-art technology to ensure swift and efficient service. They offer a wide range of services through their 4,798 branches.

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As a member of the Universal Postal Union, Sri Lanka Post has won public approval and has built an extensive island-wide network that allows it to compete in a tech-driven market. It leverages its growing infrastructural assets to enhance the quality and efficiency of the services it provides.

Sri Lanka Post’s mission is to offer innovative, efficient, and trustworthy postal services that enhance customer satisfaction. That is achieved by recruiting motivated individuals, utilizing cutting-edge technology, and maintaining a positive work environment, all while adhering to the Universal Postal Union’s norms and the Government of Sri Lanka’s regulations.

In addition, it offers a variety of services, including mail services, money transfer services, banking, insurance, utility payment, booking, examination and postal services.

Sri Lanka Post Office Tracking

Its online tracking system is pretty straightforward to use and trace your Sri Lankan mail. All you need is your Sri Lanka Post tracking number. Enter this number into the designated field on their website and hit the track button to know the current location of your shipment status. You’ll receive information such as real-time location, source, final destination, pickup and delivery dates, and any potential delays.

Sri Lanka Post Tracking

With the Sri Lanka Post Office EMS tracking and digital monitoring system, you can check the real-time location of your Post, EMS (Express Mail Service), consignment, Package, and Shipment delivery status information around the clock.

EMS, a postal express service for letters and documents, is the fastest postal service, using physical means whenever possible. This service is available in most countries, with more and more countries being added every day.

Whether you want to know the status of your Package with Sri Lanka local post tracking or Sri Lanka international mail, simply paste the tracking number in the text field area and hit the track button on their website. Thecouriertracker provides real-time details of your Sri Lanka Post package.

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Customer Service

Sri Lanka Post’s approach to customer service involves encouraging employees through promotions and transfer to deliver top-notch and efficient service. They have established a transparent, computer-based audit and analytical system that all departments can agree on. They have implemented regulations that ensure a monopoly in mail delivery and offer a distinct advantage through well-organized transportation and distribution of mail commodities.