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What is Sprint?

Online shopping has revolutionized our shopping experience; we hardly shop these days physically. People prefer to have their items delivered right at home without fuss. Sprint developed its own concept of online shopping to streamline your online shopping experience and make it more enjoyable.

Now with just a few clicks, you can get your favorite products delivered right to your doorsteps. Moreover, you also get lucrative online deals and coupons to make your shopping experience pocket-friendly, allowing you to grab many things that fit your budget.

Once you get a good measure of the online shopping experience, you will save money and your efforts to go to the store to buy stuff physically.

Sprint is a US telecom giant and the fourth-largest mobile network operator in America. They offer various services, including wireless voice calls, messaging, and broadband. Apart from that, you can also order mobile phones online.

Sprint’s Commitment

Sprint is committed to the improvement of humanity. They believe mobile connectivity is key to progress in the world. They want their privileged customers to enjoy, communicate and strive for more.

Its mission is to improve the lives of customers. Sprint is committed to providing its customers with the best mobile connectivity services as the world becomes increasingly dependent on telecommunications services.

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They strive to be a world-class company and develop an unparalleled supplier base, and that will also reflect the types of communities Sprint serves.

Sprint is a great company.

Sprint offers coverage across the United States, and connections are predominantly reliable. Sprint’s coverage is so strong that you shouldn’t have any complaints unless you travel away from densely populated areas; you may experience connectivity problems. On the other hand, living in a metropolitan city, you shouldn’t worry about network issues.

Sprint offers the fastest data speeds in America regarding download speed. No matter your data speed, you can stream videos and listen to music.

Sprint Delivery

Sprint.com offers a fast and efficient delivery service to its customers. Orders placed before 1:00 p.m. EST will be delivered the next business day. However, Covid-19 can cause delays in delivery, as the company considers the safety of delivery riders and customers paramount.

If you choose the 2-day free shipping option, your order will be delivered within two business days if you order before 1:00 p.m. EST. You will receive your order in 3 to 5 days if you order standard shipping and place your order before 1:00 p.m. EST.

Sprint tracking order

With the exception of all holidays and weekends. You can choose the overnight shipping option by placing your order before 1:00 EST on Monday to Friday to have it shipped the next business day.

Sprint Tracking Order

Within 24 hours of placing your order at sprint.com, an order confirmation email containing your billing and order number will be sent to you. While you can track your order using the order number in the email, you will also know the date and time your order will arrive.

Sprint’s tracking service makes it easy to track your package and ensures you don’t have to wait. With a single click, you can quickly check the delivery date and be available when your order arrives.

Sprint and UPS Tracking

Once your order is placed on sprint.com, you will receive a UPS tracking label that allows you to track your shipment with UPS. You can track your order by going to the UPS website and entering the order number you received via email.

Sprint.com Order Status

You can check the status of your order by using the order number you received via email within 24 hours. You can access your entire order history by simply entering the order number on their website; furthermore, the screen will also display the current location of your order.

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Sprint’s order status feature gives you full control over the delivery process and transparency by letting you know exactly where your package is in the delivery cycle. It will tell you whether your package is at Sprint’s warehouse, with the delivery service, or in transit. The order history will include the date and hour at which it left the warehouse or was delivered to you by the delivery rider.

Sprint Customer Support

Sprint.com offers many ways to reach their team and get answers to your questions. Sprint.com offers a virtual chat option under the contact tab, which connects you to the customer support representative; they’d be happy to answer all your questions regarding your order. They are quite responsive and will answer your query promptly; hence you don’t have to be concerned about delayed responses. You can call them or send them a mail at the following address:


Call us to place your order


Postal mail

Ensure you include your name, phone number, and contact number when sending the postal mail. That will allow their team to reach you quickly.


Sprint Parkway, 6391

Overland Park KS 66251-4300

This address is not intended for device exchanges or returns. You should reach Sprint representatives and ask any questions you may have.