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Southeastern Freight Lines

When Southeastern Freight Lines made its inaugural delivery almost 70 years ago, the driver’s goal was identical to the one that is for every employee today: to exceed or meet the expectations of each customer every day.

The driving force behind this company is its determination to provide value to everything they do. Their slogan states, “Quality Without Doubt. When it came to building an experienced team of employees who have a caring attitude and a desire for perfection, they’ve not stopped. Team members who are committed and well-trained are available to help you and your customers.

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Partnerships with other regional transporters, Internet access for complete shipment visibility, as well as Excelerated Guaranteed Services are the most popular shipping services they offer. These, along with other features, are designed to increase the effectiveness of transport processes.

Southeastern Freight Lines wishes to achieve measurable improvements across every aspect of its business in a continuous manner. Their goal is to eliminate unwanted variation by shifting the median of their process. The business utilizes control charts to determine whether they are on the right track to achieve their goals.

The most efficient and effective method to allow every Southeastern Freight Lines employee to keep their focus on satisfying the diverse needs of customers has been along with its Quality Improvement Process.


They provide a range of services, the most notable among them including Regional LTL. Southeastern Freight Lines is a privately-owned regional less-than-truckload shipping service provider located in the Southeast and West United States that emphasizes next-business-day delivery. For next-day delivery services, Southeastern Freight Lines has an outstanding on-time rate higher than 99.35 percent.

Southeastern Freight Lines also offers various custom-designed services to meet your transportation requirements, which include delivery and assembly services to meet the needs of each customer. Southeastern will collect packages from several suppliers and combine the items into a single package to be distributed to assembly customers.

This approach is effective and affordable. In addition, the firm holds an important role in the transportation of carpets as well as carpet-related items. Southeastern has the experience, skills, and equipment required to move your carpet with ease, which includes loaders, trailers, tractors, carpet poles, and loaders.

Southeastern is happy to work with partners that have been recognized as the best in their respective fields in the transportation industry.

Sefl Tracking

You can track your shipment without any problems by using the Southeastern shipping tracking number, BOL numbers, or purchase order numbers. Enter the number correctly in the tracking section of their website, and you’ll be kept informed of where your items have reached.

South Eastern Freight Lines Tracking

The high quality of customer service is a key element of Southeastern Freight Lines’ prosperity. Southeastern’s delivery options adapt to your changing requirements while maintaining its reputation for exceptional service.

Southeastern Freight Tracking

A wide range of guaranteed delivery options is available, giving you total freedom in choosing the shipping services. Southeastern Freight Lines offers its customers everything they need for next-day service, early-hours delivery, or same-day delivery.

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In the event of an unexpected circumstance, the regular transit time is not enough. Southeastern Freight Lines is a complete solution provider throughout the supply chain due to its ownership in conjunction with the eShipping Exchange. Southeastern Freight Lines can provide all forms of transportation services, giving you a complete solution.

Southeastern Freight Customer Service

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