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About Schenker

Schenker & Co. was founded in 1872 by Gottfried Schenker in Vienna, Austria. It provides supply chain and logistical solutions for customers locally and internationally. With 150 years of experience, Schenker is able to offer support to the logistics sector and can sell goods worldwide.

It ensures that products flow smoothly from the individual who places the order to the final recipient. Furthermore, Schenker does business in various domains, including logistics, technology, automotive transport, consumer goods supply chain, and so on.

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To cater to the large customer base, Schenker carries out its business from more than 2100 sites across the globe, thus assisting customers from various nations. There are 74,500 employees who work in different parts of the world for Schenker.

The company has been recognized as an industry-leading company in Europe in the field of land transportation. The business units they operate are designed so that they link multiple locations across Europe (almost forty countries within Europe) to cater to the ever-increasing consumer base.

Apart from land transport, DB Schenker tracking international also offers customers ocean and air freight, which is mainly utilized for international shipment. Additionally, it deals with contract logistics, which provides logistical solutions for a variety of industries for trade purposes.

Schenker Tracking

Schenker Tracking

After analyzing the quality of services as well as the speed of delivery, customers are inclined to check out the tracking capabilities of the business. That is because tracking services permit a consumer to control the delivery process as they know about each step of this delivery procedure. Furthermore, customers can enjoy transparency with tracking services as nothing is hidden from them.

The track and trace option for Schenker ocean tracking is accessible through the ‘track tab’ on their website. It is mandatory to provide certain information about your purchase, including the tracking number. The tracking number is provided at the time of delivery. It’s printed on the receipt, together with the details of your shipping and billing.

With the Schenker cargo tracking system, you can be aware of the estimated date and delivery time. That helps customers avoid the inconvenience they could be forced to endure. Additionally, it also makes it easier for the person receiving the package to be available during the delivery.

Furthermore, the Schenker shipment tracking facility provides information such as order status where customers can check the live location of their order. That includes the precise date and time when the order was in different locations, right from the warehouse to the delivery location.

In addition, the customer is informed if the package delivery is running behind schedule, ensuring that customers need not unnecessarily worry about their parcel getting lost. Customers are also able to arrange alternative arrangements in the event of urgent circumstances.

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Customer Support

Schenker’s Customer Support team caters exceptionally well to its vast customer base globally. They’ve been working to respond to customers’ queries and help them in any way possible. You can use the numbers below to receive parcel delivery estimates, shipment tracking, or if you have your quires.

Monday-Friday: 8:00am – 5:00 pm (MDT)