Prostar Delivery – Shipment Tracking

If you want to know more details about your freight, shipment, or package, we have a solution. Simply enter the Prostar Delivery tracking number above to find out.

Prostar Overview

ProStar is a privately-owned neutral logistics provider that offers companies fast, reliable, quality, and customized logistical solutions. Their mission is to create lasting and solid B2B partnerships by offering excellent solutions across various areas of the globe.

ProStar has numerous service centers that are located across Finland, Poland, Russia, China, and Hong Kong. ProStar offers supply chain solutions for SME businesses running on the new Silk route and the Euro-Asian region.

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The firm’s main strengths are its highly experienced and energetic staff with more than 20 years of experience. With the most advanced technology that is managed by highly trained teams, they can provide incredible and speedy services throughout the globe.

Prostar Delivery & Parcel Services

ProStar provides a wide range of delivery solutions across the globe. If you’re in search of an expertly-crafted service for your company or personal use, then you can bet on ProStar to provide that.

The services offered by the company are not just affordable but well-organized. You can select the method of delivery that is suitable for your needs. The transportation of these companies involves local pick-ups as well as international road services, sea, air, and rail.

Prostar Delivery

Their LCL locomotive and road traffic operate through China and Europe and from Europe to Russian Federation. Furthermore, if you require to transfer documents, forward freight, or need solutions for exports and imports without custom clearance inconvenience, ProStar is your partner. You can avail the top-of-the-line services from them in comparison to other service providers.

ProStar Tracking

ProStar not only focuses on the quality of the service, but their innovative and highly transparent delivery strategies are the main reason for their popularity among customers. By using their ProStar logistics tracking service, you can better understand your shipment’s location.

The company has a live order tracking system, geo-fence notifications, and alerts regarding your shipment. You will quickly know at which delivery stage your shipment is.

How do I get started with Tracking?

Do you want to streamline your order collection to avoid missing your deliveries? It’s now possible thanks to ProStar’s real-time monitoring. Only a few clicks and you’ll be connected to your package.

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When you set your packages for delivery by ProStar, you receive a confirmation number in your email. Within that email, you will receive a ProStar tracker code for your package. With this code, you can track your package throughout the shipping process.

To begin with, enter the tracking number into the dialogue box for Tracking. After processing for a couple of seconds, the system will retrieve all information about your parcel.

The entire tracking process is straightforward. It won’t just keep you connected to your cargo throughout but also help you organize your deliveries throughout your hectic schedule more efficiently.

If you encounter any difficulties tracking your order, you can get in touch with their customer service executive at (800) 557-7827. The support team is available to assist you with any questions.

You can also send an email to to register your complaints, and they will respond to you within 48 hours.