Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is very transparent to our readers. Keeping our visitors’ privacy and details protected is our uttermost priority.

These privacy policies are applicable only to the information we are dealing with online. It is not linked in any way to offline data collection.

On your visit to the website, information like your IP address, time zone, and browser details information is automatically fetched by our systems.

We highly respect your privacy concerns. Keeping this in view, we won’t access your details if you turn on the ‘do not track mode’ in your browser’s settings.

But the other details like your order number and location are accessed with your consent to provide you with the best of services.

You can Also Check Our Disclaimer

Except that, we do not collect any further particulars hiddenly. With that said, you agree hereby to proceed ahead with our operations.

Data we collect

When you sign up to our website, you are asked to enter your name, city, contact information, and email address.

How your information is used

We ensure that we keep your data secure and is not shared with any third-party vendor except Google. It uses cookies for the sake of displaying ads on our website.

We use your provided data to run smooth operations and the related activities to maintain our website. In addition, it is utilized for the improvement, personalization, and introduction of new services and for promotional purposes.

Moreover, it’s a better way to communicate with you directly or indirectly in order to provide you with better customer service.

Updates In The Privacy Policy

There are changes made in our privacy policy after some time. To stay up to date with the changes, you can visit our website anytime to stay aware of the new additions and updates in the policy.

We already have made it clear to you in the above section about what data is fetched on your visit, and how it is used further to add more to make your pleasant experience with us.

Age Restriction

Our website is not for users of age under 16.

For any further assistance or any query please feel free to contact us.