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About Philadelphia Truck Lines

One of the most prominent companies in the General Freight Trucking industry is the Philadelphia truck line. Since its inception in 1982, they have been offering air and sea transportation services. In addition, they offer supply chain solutions to various airlines, NVOCC(s), and freight forwarders. They’ve used their resources to offer trustworthy and efficient services for several years.


Philadelphia truck Line’s goal is to provide excellent customer service by regularly investing in the employees and technologies to enhance its facilities and operation. They realize how vital supply chain management is to the economy and that it is crucial to stay efficient to protect their customers’ image. They are not just looking to provide their customers with services but also be their customers’ partners.

Tracking Service

Philadelphia truck lines offer a broad range of services, including Less than truckload (LTL), TL, intermodal air and ocean CFS, and warehouses. LTL facility includes airport-to-door service to allow the buyer to receive the items at their doorstep.

In addition, they offer door-to-delivery services, which means your packages are picked up from your doorstep and then delivered directly to the consignee’s address to protect both the sender and recipient from any hassle. The drivers they hire are TSA certified and possess Hazmat certification, which ensures that your parcel is handled in a safe manner and there is no damage.

Their TL service includes temperature controlled/refrigerated delivery. If any of your products require delivery at a specific temperature, then you can call Philadelphia truck lines to have your items delivered to the temperatures you need. This facility is not just for short hauls but also for long-haul transport. Apart from that, they also offer intermodal services.

Additionally, Philadelphia truck lines offer CFS for air and sea, where they manage all exports and imports. They handle every aspect, from container loading all the way to shipping. They also manage the ground handling process as well.

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They offer warehousing and storage facilities in which they handle the products and also supply goods. They help in packaging, transporting, and shipping. Apart from that, they also offer procurement services. In a nutshell, Philadelphia truck lines make sure to get products in bulk or in a minimal quantity shipped to you by managing all aspects of the process from start to finish.


Philadelphia truck line is recognized for its fast and efficient delivery process. On their webpage, you can input the requisite information about the order pickup as well as the delivery address of the box. It is also necessary to specify the package weight, dimensions and quantity. Then, you will be able to calculate the shipping costs and then book your shipment.

Philadelphia truck lines tracking

If you want the estimated delivery date and time, then you can utilize the tracking number supplied to you at the time of payment to check the order status. You can visit their website, and on the homepage, you can paste your order number.

This will give you the approximate date and time your Philadelphia trucking line shipment will be delivered to you or the airport.

Philadelphia truck lines cargo tracking

Are you eager to find out where your order has reached? If yes, you can utilize the tracking number you received while booking your order to track and trace the package.

Philadelphia Truck Lines Tracking

In this manner, you’ll be able to know when your order left the Philadelphia truck line warehouse, on the way to the airport, in transit, or delivered to you.

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Contact Support

You can connect with Philadelphia truck line representatives at various airports via the following address and numbers.

PHL – Philadelphia International airport