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About Orange Connex

Orange Connex is a technology-led fourth-party logistics company to enable global supply chains. In the world of e-commerce industry, they offer services that include logistics, finance, and big data elements of the industry. All the previously mentioned services can be realized with the help of market analysis, resource integration, and systems development.

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Orange Connex is a JV between CITI CPE, a private equity company from the People’s Republic of China, and eBay, an e-commerce giant. The JV has helped Orange Connex’s cause with plenty of resources as well as years of experience in the e-commerce business.

Orange Connex strives to enhance the experience of its clients through quick, transparent, efficient, affordable, and sustainable services. They understand that they have the knowledge and solid foundations to attain these goals, thus making Orange Connex an undisputed market leader in the e-commerce industry as a tech-based company.

Orange Connex Tracking

When a client in China wants to move their clothing out of the country, look at the tracking facilities of a business choosing to send their cargo abroad.

Orange Connex offers a tracking system to its clients to make them comfortable. Orange Connex tracking information can be found under the “tracking page’ on their website 24 x 7. This service is available all day long, so clients can track their goods from anywhere at any time by simply following just a few steps.

Orange Connex tracking number is supplied by the company or the seller after you set your goods through them. You can track up to 20 tracking numbers at once by entering each number in a separate line and getting important information about your package.

Orange Connex tracking offers its clients an approximate delivery date and time. This prevents clients from unnecessarily worrying about their packages getting delivered. Besides, it also allows clients to make any requisite arrangements to get the package. Clients can also stay present at the approximate delivery time to determine whether the delivery is in line with their expectations.

Orange Connex Tracking

Additionally, Orange Connex tracking also supplies its clients with in-depth order history. A detailed location map is also provided by the company to allow clients to determine the parcel’s exact location and whereabouts. It also lets clients know the date and time the package was at different locations, from warehouses to delivery.

Orange Connex USPS tracking service is an absolute blessing for customers since it keeps them at ease. Clients are guaranteed that their package hasn’t been lost or misplaced. If delays occur, Orange Connex notifies its clients ahead of time to ensure they don’t have to wait forever to get their packages.

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The tracking service offers transparency to its clients as no information is hidden from them, and they can access every single detail about their package. Clients also have control of the whole delivery system. If you notice that the tracking information hasn’t been refreshed for more than 24 hours, you can contact their customer support team to answer your questions.

Orange Connex Customer Service

You can reach out to the customer support team of Orange Connex to register your complaint or get your questions answered.

Business Hours: Monday to Saturday, 9:00-18:00 (except National Holidays)

Phone: 400 126 0008 (China mainland)/ 852 30183458(HKSAR)