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About OOCL

OOCL has earned its place in the ranks of the most important companies worldwide that offers logistics and shipping services. OOCL has an extensive network to serve customers across the globe and offers shipping services across Asia, Europe, the Americas, Africa, and Australia.

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Through superior services and constant development to meet the ever-evolving demands and requirements of its customers, OOCL has set itself apart from its peers by being a customer-centric company. With its solid presence in People’s Republic of China, OOCL is one of the highest-rated international carriers.

Additionally, OOCL distinguishes itself apart from the rest of the market with the help of advanced technology and e-commerce that few shipping companies make use of, which is an important point of difference for OOCL. The technology used enables them to manage the whole transportation process.

OOCL hopes to be one of the best and most creative internal carrier services that offer an interface to the world trade and generates value not only for their customers but for their shareholders, employees, and associates.

OOCL Container Tracking

There are a wide variety of e-services OOCL offers to manage the cargo logistics system and make it simple for their workforce and clients. A most essential and beneficial e-service OOCL offers is OOCL Container tracking.

OOCL Container Tracking

OOCL tracking system is a method for customers to receive specific information about their shipment to ensure that they know the location of their package and when it will be delivered. The tracking system keeps clients informed with numerous details to them.

OOCL cargo tracking gives you the expected date and time that the cargo will arrive at the destination. This helps the consignee as it prevents them from having to wait forever for the shipment and enables them to make necessary arrangements during the interim.

Alongside the estimated date and time of delivery, OOCL line container Tracking also offers its client’s order history. The order history contains details about at what stage of the delivery the parcel is in at that moment.

Additionally, it reveals the date and time when the cargo was shipped, handed over to the transporter, in transit, or was delivered. This allows clients to monitor their cargo easily.

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To use the aforesaid services, you will require either the Bill of Lading number or the Container number. When you enter them into the dialogue box beneath the “cargo tracking” link on their website, you will find the estimated date and time of delivery, along with the delivery route for the package.

Customer Service

When you click on the ‘contact us’ link on the OOCL website, you will find an application form that you must fill out along with your personal information. After you’ve filled in all the requisite information and your questions, you can submit the form. Following that, a customer service representative from OOCL will get in touch with you and address your queries.

Email: lgbexport@oocl.com

Phone: (1) 888 388-6625

With a focus on customer satisfaction, OOCL is known for its outstanding customer service. So, you need not be concerned about a late response after filling out the application form with your request or question.