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OnTrac helps there customer to deliver there purchased goods from merchant to customer address location. It is one of the famous shipping providers like USPS tracking, Aramex, Fedex Express tracking, DHL tracking and USP tracking. Every express package has been given one tracking number, which is use to identify your package. You can find your OnTrac Tracking number on the receipt given or the confirmation email provided by OnTrac.

How To Track OnTrac Using Tracking Number | How Do I Track My International Parcel

To track your OnTrac parcel you need to have OnTrac parcel tracking number with you, which you can find on the receipt provided or on the shipment confirmation email. Once you have tracking number with you then you can copy that number and paste it in the above text box and hit Track OnTrac Package button. this will redirect you to OnTrac official tracking website, where you can paste your OnTrac Tracking Number and track the details.

You will be able to see entire detail about your shipment, details like current status of shipment, estimated delivery day & time etc.

If entered tracking number is correct then you will be able to fetch all details about your parcel but if tracking number is wrong then you need to contact OnTrac customer care or visit there official website.

OnTrac Tracking | OnTrac Package Tracking | Check Parcel & Package Status LIVE | Logistics company

What is the easy way for OnTrac package tracking? | Easiest way to track OnTrac package?

I am expecting a shipment via OnTrac Courier Partner, How can I track parcel location, status & estimated delivery time?

Copy the tracking number from e-receipt which you received from OnTrac & paste it in the text box present above (start of this page). If you don’t have receipt then enter tracking number manually.

You will be able to see all required detail that you need if your tracking number is correct, If tracking number is not correct or correctly entered then you might get some error message. In that case, you need to contact OnTrac Customer support or visit OnTrac official website.

When will my OnTrac shipment arrive? | How long does it take OnTrac to deliver my parcel?

OnTrac Courier service does provide estimated delivery date & time to there customer. Yet shipping company do not have ability to tell when exactly delivery person will deliver the package at your doorstep. As OnTrac has multiple parcels to deal with on daily basis that is the reason delivery time is not guaranteed. Some unusual circumstances such as traffic, severe weather, staffing fluctuations, changes in carrier route, natural disaster etc. can cause delay in the package delivery. Meanwhile you can check the parcel status on our website.

My package with OnTrac is late, what should I do?

The shipment is due now.

Deliery time vary due to some unwanted conditions like traffic, severe weather, staffing fluctuations, changes in carrier route, natural disaster etc. It is possible that your package is not lost and still in transit. To check the exact status of your parcel you can copy & paste OnTrac tracking number in above text box & hit the Track OnTrac Package button and check status.

Where do I get the tracking number of my OnTrac shipment?

In order to track your OnTrac shipment, you need to have tracking number with you. You can find the tracking number on the e-receipt provided by the OnTrac team or confirmation email from them. If you are still not able to find tracking number then you can contact OnTrac customer care.

About OnTrac

OnTrac started in 1991 as California Overnight. It was now a division of the 60-year-old parent company Express Messenger Systems, Inc. (EMS). EMS started in Canada and expanded its operations through the acquisition of several Canadian and American courier companies. They saw an opportunity to provide a more affordable next-day service from Los Angeles to San Francisco and created California Overnight.

Ledger Couriers unveiled lasership.com and began doing business as a ledgership to explore last-mile deliveries for this thing called e-commerce during the dot-com boom. With a new name and online business in tow, Lasership set out to sign Barnes & Noble as its first e-commerce customer to provide last-mile book delivery in New York City. Although LaserShip maintains its cornerstone business delivery services to this day, LaserShip decided to shift gears and focus its growth into ecommerce. Today, Barnes & Noble is still a LaserShip customer. The rest is history.

Lasership expanded its service offerings by introducing its Global Critical Delivery (GCD) division, which provides air and ground delivery solutions for critical aviation and medical shipments. While Lasership’s e-commerce and business delivery is limited to the US, the GCD division offers worldwide delivery solutions. In 2018, the GCD team performed more than 2,500 life-saving organ deliveries and helped lift more than 14,000 airplanes from the ground, back into the air and to their final destinations.

Since 2008, OnTrac has reached over 65 million consumers without paying the extra fees imposed by other companies. Today, the OnTrac logistics network connects companies with local delivery professionals through leading technology, advanced material-handling, and excellent customer service. We are a Smartways Transport Partner, a USPS Workshare Partner, and integrate with over 30 multi-solution software providers. OnTrac offers a more efficient last-mile logistics strategy, lending capabilities to the flexibility you expect without sacrificing professionalism and cost.

In 2014, Lasership acquired Cleveland-based Prestige Delivery Systems, nearly doubling the company’s footprint and team. Today, Lasership’s last-mile ground delivery network includes more than 60 distribution centers and 4 sort centers in 23 states that reach more than 140 million consumers in the U.S. LaserShip has grown into a leading provider of same-day and next-day delivery services in the Eastern and Midwest U.S. for e-commerce and product-supply businesses, including some of the world’s largest retailers.

LaserShip merged with OnTrac with a vision to create a proven choice for national carriers by combining its complementary east and west coast operating footprints,

On July 27, 2022, this vision became a reality with the launch of our intercontinental delivery service to transfer packages from coast to coast in as little as 3 days.

OnTrac expands to Texas and opens 4 new locations in the Texas Triangle that reach 80% of the US population in 31 states and DC.

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