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PostNL tracking packages from Netherlands

PostNL (Netherlands Post) was the only logistic company present in the Netherland for a long time. PostNL has the two large TNT divisions, Express & Mail grew more day by day with their strategies.

In 2011, The postal company continued as PostNL after TNT Express separation. The PostNL company deals in parcel, letter and everything related to parcels & letters. They also work in Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany, the United Kingdom and Italy.

PostNL International Mail Tracking

With PostNL track & trace you can follow your registered mail packet or item to its destination using international tracking system. You can easily monitor/track your parcel with us once the parcel is on its way. Every package has unique tracking number assigned. Within one click you can check whether your parcel is in transition state or reached its destination. Amsterdam International Mail Center is the place through which all incoming international mail deliver in Netherlands.

RU NL track

PostNL tracking number looks like RU222005314NL, RU179726789NL are international registered air mail shipments by Netherland Post. This is the Universal Postal union formatted tracking ids and you can track your package using our website TheCourierTracker.

How to track PostNL Packages | How to track Netherlands Post Packages

If you are expecting the parcel from Netherlands Post then you need to have PostNL tracking number, shipment number or order ID with you to track your package. You can find this Netherlands Post Tracking Number on the confirmation email provided by PostNL or on the receipt given by them at the time of package submition. Once you have Netherlands Post Tracking number then now you can track your package just by entering tracking number on the text field present above and click on Track Netherlands Post Package button. within a second you will be able to see all the details about your package, details like Current status of your package, estimated delivery date and time, If your parcel is delaying due to some reason then you will also able to the reason for delay.

How to Track PostNL Package in USA, UK and Canada

You again required your PostNL package tracking number and need to follow the same process mentioned above.

Netherlands Post Tracking | PostNL Tracking | PostNL Package Tracking | Netherlands Post Track & Trace | PostNL Track & Trace | Check Parcel & Package Status LIVE | Logistics company

How Netherlands Post Tracking Number Looks Like | How PostNL Tracking Number Looks Like

For each and every package, PostNL(Netherlands Post) assign the unique number which use to track your parcel this number is called as Tracking Number, Shipment number or Order ID. PostNL shipments tracking number consist of two category, main category is the weight. PostNL tracking number consist of 13 unique letters,

  • For the parcel weight upto 2 kg tracking number look likes – Rx123456785NL
  • For the big shipment which has weight from 2 kg to 20 kg, then the tracking number looks like – Cx123456785NL
  • For EMS Shipment – Ex123456785NL.

The tracking number structure consist of combination of letters and digits.

  • First letter R/C/E indicates the type of shipment. If the Netherlands Post tracking number starts from R means it is a small package. If it is start from C that means it has weight from 2-20 kg, and E indicate the EMS shipments.
  • 123456785 is the unique number for every shipment.
  • NL refer the originating country postal service.

NLPost tracking | PostNL Tracking | Netherland Post Tracking

Many time Chinese online sellers uses Holland post services by delivering packages to PostNL sorting center in Hong Kong. After that parcel is transported to mainland Europe sorting center by Holland Post & make use of its logistic network to deliver the package all over the world.

Holland Post Air Mail tracking

PostNL/Netherland post also known as Holland post. Holland Post Air Mail tracking is exactly works as PostNL tracking. Just enter tracking number and click track button.

PostNL Aliexpress tracking

In China, There are several parcel collection points are present. The seller does not ship parcel to PostNL as it’s operate in Netherlands but still courier takes it. After that all the parcels send to the parcel collection center & loaded to the aircraft to the sorting center present in Netherland.

PostNL shipping Time | Netherland Post Shipping Time

PostNL international shipment service deliver the package within 15 to 25 days on average. To check accurate estimated time, you can track your parcel using our website TheCourierTracker.

About PostNL

In current world, digital appliances play major role in day to day work. Netherland post has adopted new technology which make their transport and tracking advance and easier for both sender and receivers. PostNL delivering the mails for more than 200 years within Netherlands and in aboard as well. They are an essential link between the online & physical world.

PostNL has the largest network for parcels, letters and e-commerce in the Benelux countries. PostNL digital appliance and smart network provide valuable solutions.

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