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Do you have any international shipments coming from Livingstone? Enter your Livingston pars tracking code in the Livingston Paps Tracker above to get live updates about your shipment.

Livingstone Overview

Livingston is North America’s most respectable customs brokerage and a compliance-focused company. It also provides international freight forwarding and trade services across the globe. The company has more than 2900 employees working at airports and seaports in various locations across Europe, North America, and South East Asia.

Livingstone is a TRACE-certified company with numerous potential partners willing to work with them. The certification proves that the company is prepared to meet global diligence standards and is a trustworthy partner.

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Due to technological advancement, everything is just a couple of clicks away. All you need to do is to provide the correct and authentic information. Livingstone is also embracing technological changes at a rapid pace. That efficiency enables them to gain a reputation as a growing cargo services supplier.

Service Offered By Livingstone

Livingston Paps Tracker

You can bet on Livingstone to provide quick and efficient delivery services. It offers multiple transport solutions for induvial and corporates. The company strives to provide well-grounded and trustworthy services to its clients across the world.

It has highly experienced and motivated staff that use cutting-edge technology to make sure the company achieves excellence in its business operations. It offers services that range from customized brokerage, trading in technology, trade consultancy, and vehicle transportation services.

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It caters to every single individual with shipping needs. No matter what your requirements are, a single shipment or 10000 yearly shipments, dealing with innumerable suppliers globally, Livingstone is always there to serve its customers.

Livingstone Paps Tracker

In order to manage scores of freights and deliveries of the customers, Livingstone Paps have employed efficient and reliable staff who work meticulously close with the systems to serve the people for their cargo requirements. Moreover, they have implemented trackers so that customers can stay in touch with their packages throughout the shipment journey.

With an efficient and trustworthy service provider, customers can save their efforts and time. The Livingstone paps endeavors to offer simplicity and ease for its clients at every stage, beginning with the initial steps to the time the parcels arrive at their location.

To track your shipment, you have to input your Livingston paps tracking code in the tracker. Once done, click on ‘track the shipment, and you’ll be linked to your package within a few seconds.

The system will display the order information on your screen. With those details, you get a better understanding of the entire process and know at what stage your shipment is.

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The shipment arrival time may differ depending on the delivery method you’ve chosen and the kind of item you’ve specified for shipping. Moreover, shipment destination can affect delivery times as well. But in most cases, they deliver prior to or within the expected time.

Contact Details

U.S. Customs Brokerage

Call 1-855-225-5548

Canadian Customs Brokerage

Call 1-855-225-5544

U.S. Freight Forwarding


Canada Freight Forwarding


Shipments bound to Canada

(U.S. to Canada)

Fax: 1-866-548-4685


Shipments bound to the U.S.

(Canada to the U.S.)

Fax: 1-877-548-7277