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Are you expecting a parcel from KTMD? Paste the KTMD tracking number in the search box above to know the shipment status of your package.

About KTMD

KTMD began providing services to its customers in 1984. It is among the most popular distribution companies across Malaysia. At present, KTMD has more than 4000 customers who are satisfied. While it continues to grow the number of customers it serves, it is also expanding the number of cargo vehicles that are involved during the distribution process.

KTMD provides a range of services to its customers. To avoid customers having the hassle of commuting to the office at KTMD to pick up and deliver packages, KTMD provides door-to-door services in which parcels are collected from the sender’s home and then delivered to the home of the receiver.

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Additionally, it also provides courier services for perishable items like fresh flowers. It is able to transport items in any shape or size. It is also renowned for the transport of vehicles like motorcycles. In addition, it is developing special projects that will accommodate customers’ constantly changing and diverse needs.

The vision of KTMD is clear; they want to connect individuals and the company by providing their services to the customers to improve the future.

Their goal is to get the most value out of their partners by involving them in all decisions and working and making plans. They ensure that their customers are updated through notifications and that they are provided with the best possible service. The company’s other goal is to provide the highest possible customer service regardless of the effort required to accomplish it.

KTMD Tracking

To allow customers to feel confident about the delivery service they choose for their parcel delivery, clients require tracking services by which they can track their parcels 24 x 7 and are often up-to-date.

KTMD courier tracking service is accessible by using this KTMD tracking number. This tracking code is issued to customers upon making their purchase, together with the receipt. The receipt includes the billing and shipping details and the tracking code. You can copy and paste the tracking number into the dialogue box above the “track and trace” tab, and you will receive various details regarding the shipment.

KTMD Tracking

KTMD tracking parcels provide details such as the approximate date and delivery time through which customers can access the information on when they can anticipate their delivery. It stops customers from wasting time waiting for their parcel. Customers can also be available during the time of delivery to make sure that the package is delivered in the right condition.

Additionally, customers will be able to get information about the status of their order by which they can determine precisely where the package is at that particular time. Customers will also be able to gain access to the day and time that the package was in the warehouse and at a different location until delivery.

Finally, customers are notified in advance when their order is delayed. That will keep them from stressing about their order. So, the customer does not have to fret about missing their package, and they are able to arrange alternatives in the event of an emergency.

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KTDM Customer Support

The customer support team at KTMD is available throughout the day to assist customers should they have any questions or need assistance with the delivery of their package. KTMD contact number 1 800 225863 can be utilized to connect to their customer service team for quick assistance.