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KMTC Overview

KMTC, which stands for Korea Marine Transport Co., Ltd., is an ocean transportation company based in South Korea. It is a publicly-traded company that was established on March 1st, 1978, and the headquarters of the company is in Busan, South Korea. KMTC uses ocean-going vessels to carry passengers and cargo across South Korea and other countries worldwide.

The company offers transportation services for passengers and cargo. It also provides freight forwarding, customs brokerage, and other shipping-related services. KMTC is home to fleet vessels that carry passengers and cargo to and from South Korea to other countries globally. These vessels include container ships, roll-on/roll-off vessels, passenger ferries, and various other vessels.

KMTC is classified as a publicly traded firm and listed on the Korean Stock Exchange. It has a market cap of about $2.7 billion as of November 2018. Alongside its main office in Busan, KMTC has representative offices in Incheon and Jeju, South Korea. There is also a local office in Shanghai, People’s Republic of China.

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The business is acknowledged for its high safety and quality standards. In 2017, KMTC was honored with a prestigious ISM Code Certificate from the Korea Shipping Association. This certificate is given to businesses that meet strict quality and safety requirements.

KMTC offers a broad range of shipping options; moreover, it enables customers to track their packages sent through them using the KMTC line container tracking and KMTC cargo tracking.

The standout feature among KMTC’s shipping solutions includes pocket-friendly prices and ease of use. The company provides reasonable rates for transporting cargo and passengers, and its vessels operate regularly. KMTC also provides online payment and booking options, making traveling or shipping even more convenient.

KMTC has a fantastic track record of safety, which is why its ships are fitted with the latest safety technology. Furthermore, KMTC’s team comprises highly qualified and experienced crew members. This guarantees that customers can trust the company to provide safe and secure shipping services.

KMTC Tracking

KMTC Tracking

KMTC is a well-founded ocean freight company with a rich tradition of offering efficient shipping solutions. If you have any queries regarding its services or wish to track your shipment, it is possible to do this by entering your KMTC tracking number on its website.

Apart from that, you can also enter the KMTC container tracking number in the dialogue box at the top of the page. It will also give you the most recent information regarding KMTC container tracking for your shipment.

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KMTC Customer Care

KMTC has one of the best customer services available in the shipping and transportation industry. Should you ever have concerns or questions regarding your purchase or order, contact the customer service department for assistance.

The customer service representatives are highly efficient and are happy to help. You can connect with them via different channels, including phone, email, or live chat. Moreover, you will also find lots of helpful information on the website of KMTC.

KMTC Contact

15th Floor, Hanjin Building, 63, Namdaemun-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea

TEL: + 82-2-311-6114

FAX: + 82-2-6008-8000

Export Sales Tel: + 82-2-311-6114(EXT. 2)