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About iShip

iShip has become an extremely well-known brand across the world after UPS hired them to create the UPS Online Professional. iShip is renowned for shipping software packages globally, and they are responsible for shipping around 1 billion packages annually.

The team wanted to transform the online marketplace with regard to shipping. In October 1999, was brought by, which made them market leaders in online mailing and shipping services.

In addition, to address the demands of a larger population, iShip is dedicating its efforts to creating adaptable multi-carrier solutions. That includes mobile options and an innovative reverse logistics solution.


iShip’s primary goal is to help individuals make intelligent shipping decisions easily through their online multi-carrier shipping solutions. They make it extremely easy for the shipper to compare rates and services between various carriers to decide which one they should opt for, DHL, UPS, or USPS. iShip authorizes its customers to select their preferred shipping carrier for complete satisfaction.

iShip is resolute in staying in line with its mission due to the services they offer, making it easier for people to calculate prices, and ship, track and trace their shipments. Thanks to the advances in technology, everything is a few clicks away, which also includes the iShip services that you can utilize with a few taps on your mobile via the internet.

Service Options

The service option gives information about multicarrier service providers. On the far left of the service options area, you can see a column with checkboxes for the shipping services option you need. On clicking the service option, you can see the necessary entries for supplementary information on the right.

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One of the available options is declared value. In this case, you type US dollars into the amount field and choose the coverage type (carrier insured or not). Email notifications are another option, which can be a combination of shipping notifications and delivery notifications. You input your email address along with the recipient’s email address, and you’ll receive email notifications regarding your shipment and delivery.

There is also the option to select a signature choice in the service checklist menu. You can select not to request any signatures, collect in-person signatures, or get a signed door tag from any person at the location during delivery. Additionally, you can also choose the option to collect in-person signatures from the recipient only at their address or allow the driver to get an in-person signature from anyone who is 21 or older at the delivery destination.

Dry ice allows you to input the dry ice weight required in your shipment and also specify the reason for needing it if it is for medical reasons. Dry ice information on the label of your shipment will let you know that the package contains dry ice.

Shipment Details

On the “process a parcel’ page, you will be asked to provide information about your package. The first question you need to answer is to write a short description of the goods that you wish to deliver.

The next question is about the ship date, where you can select the date you want the package to be collected from your address. Next, please select the delivery date and time you want your parcel delivered to its destination. Lastly, pick your favorite carrier and enter the billing information, which includes the shippers and recipient address, along with the contact information of both induvial.


iship track it

iShip has a reasonably robust delivery system that ensures all customer’s requirements are taken care of. They provide the option to select the parcel pick-up date along with the delivery date and time, allowing the recipient to be available at the given place and time without missing the package.

The track it, along with iShip delivery, enables you to determine whether you need a delivery agent to get the recipient’s signature upon delivery or not for extra security. Additionally, you can also select whether the person signing it is an adult (above 21 years) or not. iShip aims to assist its clients in all possible ways by making its policies and parcel delivery customizable for their clients.

In order to track your parcel, you must confirm the date and time of delivery along with the billing details. You can utilize the carrier tracking code, also known as shipping ID, that is provided at the time of billing once you’ve booked your package, together with your billing and payment details.

iShip Track it

The tracking information comprises the status of your package (delivered or in transit), delivered the package to (receiver’s name), the delivery date and package location, the recipient’s name who received the package, the transporter’s name along with chosen delivery plans and the transporter’s tracking number.

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You can access all the information at iship.trackit, which ensures you don’t stress out thinking about your package delivery.

iShip Order Status

Utilizing the tracking code you got at the time of billing, you will also be able to check the order status. The order status comprises of entire package history. It contains the date and time along with the precise whereabouts of your parcel.

You can check the live location of your package so that you don’t fret about your package getting lost in transit. The entire delivery process is transparent, giving you control over the delivery process without worrying about your parcel.

Customer Support

If you have any service-related queries or wish to speak with the iShip’s customer care representative, you can contact them at the numbers below.

Contact the carrier to know the status of your shipment.

1-800-CALL-DHL (1-800-225-5345)

1-800-PICK-UPS (1-800-742-5877)

1-800-ASK-USPS (1-800-275-8777)