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GLS helps there customer to deliver there purchased goods from merchant to customer address location. It is one of the famous shipping providers like Fedex Express, USPS, USP, TNT, DHL, Aromex and DPD. Every GLS parcel has tracking number associated, which is use to identify your package. You can find your GLS Tracking number on the receipt given or the confirmation email provided by GLS.

GLS parcel tracking – details about the parcel status of your parcel

With GLS parcel tracking, you always have the available delivery options and an overview of the parcel status of your parcel.

Euro Business Parcel tracking

You can track track GLS parcel online at any time. All you have to do is enter one or more parcel tracking numbers. You can also track the shipment in real time using a tracking ID, which you can find it on every notification card. In most of the countries, GLS provides real time delivery information.

GLS Delivery Tracking

If no one present at the time of delivery attempt, In many countries, it is common practice that any neighbours can accept the parcels. GLS drivers then leaves a notification card for the recipient (receiver). Alternative delivery address is used if there are GLS ParcelShops in the country.

In some countries, it is possible that we can preselect a GLS ParcelShop as a delivery address whenever ordering goods online. you can check the available delivery address options in a particular country by visiting GLS official website.

GLS ParcelShops

GLS ParcelShops plays an important role in a service provided to parcel receiver/recipient. GLS ParcelShops are convenient collection & acceptance points for the courier/parcels with personal service, long opening hours and short waiting times.They are integrated into different types of shops such as video rental shops, newsagents and copy shops.

14 European countries are already part of GLS ParcelShops & number of shops are increasing continuously. GLS ParcelShops concept is still getting implemented in many countries.

In many countries GLS ParcelShops serves alternative delivery address for the recipients. Means, if the receiver/recipient is not present at the time of first delivery then driver take the parcel to a nearby GLS ParcelShop.

GLS ParcelShops also makes shopping easier for consumers. Online shoppers have goods delivered directly to a parcelshop where they live or are close to their workplace. They select a parcelshop when ordering online or right after the dispatch process begins. GLS provides this service for example Denmark, Belgium and Germany.

Reliable parcel delivery

If you send parcel with GLS courier service that means it will arrives quickly & safely.

Reliable parcel delivery within the defined standard delivery time is the strong point of the GLS. Domestic parcels usually reach their destination in less than 24 hours. Delivery time to Europe is generally between 24 and 96 hours. GLS delivers Monday through Friday during normal business hours. If the sender does not take out any transportation insurance, the GLS compensates beyond the statutory liability up to the value of the goods (up to a defined maximum).

GLS Express delivery tracking

Speed and punctuality are the first priority for every GLS Express delivery.

A national express parcel will reach its recipient before the business closes in the next working day – and many countries even earlier in national shipments. Money will be refunded if the parcel did not arrive on time.

Earlier Saturday delivery are also possible in many areas. Express products can be combined with additional services, and each ExpressParcel GLS is liable for the value of the goods, up to a certain maximum depending on the country.

Reliable National Express Delivery: GLS delivers express consignments generally before the close of business the next working day. In some countries, delivery before 12.00 is standard.

When it comes to express delivery, punctuality is everything. Instant consignments containing everything from spare parts to documents reach their destination on time.

If an express courier is unable to deliver the parcel, a second free delivery attempt will be made on the next working day, subject to the sender’s agreement.

GLS DocumentReturnService tracking

GLS parcel delivery process includes they deliver a package, then take recipient sign on document & return them to the consignor.

How consignors can play it safe, receiver hand over their signed mobile phone contract to the GLS driver who came to deliver the parcel, for example & in return receive their new smartphone. This save time for both consignors & consignees.

GLS SaturdayService tracking

GLS courier delivers express shipments on Saturdays. In some countries or areas, for national dispatch additional time definite options are available such as shipment delivery before noon. International shipments arrives their destination location in europe before close of business.

GLS TimeDefiniteService tracking

GLS courier delivers packages before there specific time, the next working day in most of the countries & areas. Internationally before 9.00, 10.00 or 12.00. Nationally before 8.00, 9.00 or 10.00.

The parcel delivery before specific time can be booked in a combination with express product ideal for parcels that have to reach their destination even quicker.

ExpressParcel tracking

Reliable national express delivery: Generally, GLS delivers express consignments before close of business the next working/business day. In some countries, parcel delivery before 12.00 noon is the standard mantain by GLS.

GLS is very punctual when it comes to express delivery. Any urgent shipment/consignment containing everything whether it is document or any spare part, it reached the destination on time with GLS express service.

If GLS express courier somehow unable to deliver the package to destination then, free of charge delivery is attempted by GLS in next working day subject to the agreement of the package sender.

GLS EuroExpressParcel tracking

To multiple quropean countries, GLS delivers critical express consignments before close of business the next working day. Urgent documents and goods arrive at their destination quickly and reliably.

If GLS express courier somehow unable to deliver the package to destination then, free of charge delivery is attempted by GLS in next working day subject to the agreement of the package sender.

GLS Tracking | GLS Package Tracking | GLS Transport Tracking | Check Parcel & Package Status LIVE | Logistics company

GLS GlobalExpressParcel tracking

GLS is the fasted courier service in the world,it delivers parcels & documents quickly all over the world. Consignments reach major business centres such as the Japan, US, Singapore or Hong Kong in just a few days.

Countries where political situation is highly unstable, in such places GLS deliveries do not take place.

GLS BusinessParcel tracking

The reliable basic product for national parcel delivery: GLS deliver the parcels from Monday to Friday during normal office hours securely & rapidly.

The standard delivery time is less than 24 hours to most of the countries (excluding part outlying areas & islands).

GLS BusinessSmallParcel tracking

GLS delivers small packages nationwide reliably & their special solution provides enhanced transportation security.

For national delivery GLS sort the small parcels & transport them in special bags, also add protection for sensitive goods.

GLS EuroBusinessParcel tracking

International Parcel delivery reliably : GLS deliver the parcels across Europe

Precisely coordinated scheduled transportation and modern distribution centers connect individual countries. Goods can be shipped to all major European markets in standard delivery times of 24 to 48 hours. Deliveries in more distant areas are usually between 72 and 96 hours.

The quality of service is equally high across Europe – first-class international parcel delivery.

GLS EuroBusinessSmallParcel tracking

Send small parcels internationally: Delivery of small and sensitive goods is particularly safe with GLS – throughout Europe. The parcel is sorted separately and transported in special bags.

GLS usually delivers parcels to neighboring countries in standard delivery times of 24 to 48 hours. Delivery to more distant European countries usually takes 72 to 96 hours.

Thanks to the same quality standards, the quality of service is also higher for international small-parcel delivery.

GLS EuroExpressParcel tracking

GLS delivers time-critical express consignments to several European countries before the close of business on the next working day.

Instant baggage and documents arrive at their destination reliably and quickly.

If an express courier is unable to deliver the parcel, a second free delivery attempt will be made on the next working day, subject to the sender’s agreement.

GLS ShopDeliveryService tracking

GLS delivers the parcel directly to a ParcelShop. Recipients select a parcelshop into which the parcel should be sent, either when placing an order immediately after the dispatch begins.

After the parcel arrives, GLS notifies recipients by e-mail or text message. They can collect their parcel from ParcelShop within the next nine or ten working days, depending on the country.

ShopDeliveryService is also available for shipments between Belgium, Austria , Germany, Denmark and Poland.

GLS FlexDeliveryService tracking

Flexible delivery: GLS notifies recipients quickly about the delivery of goods and offers a variety of delivery options to choose from.

Recipients receive an e-mail containing information about the upcoming delivery of the GLS parcel.

In this way, recipients can arrange for the delivery of goods to be taken quickly. Alternatively and if desired they can choose from a variety of delivery options online: for example, a new date for delivery, choose a different address or redirect the parcel to GLS ParcelShop (if available in the country)

Receiving parcels becomes flexible, making the shipment of goods to private homes less complicated. The number of inquiries and complaints to the sender is reduced, on the other hand customer satisfaction increases.

GLS CashService tracking

Cash on delivery parcel with GLS: The recipient pays for the goods upon delivery in cash. GLS accepts money and transfers it securely and quickly to the sender’s account – usually within three working days after delivery.

The cash on delivery service is also available for international remittances in some countries, for example for shipments from Germany to Austria and Poland.

Can I track parcels in real time?

Yes, in many countries GLS already provides real-time delivery information for mobile data transfers from vehicles. Data scanned from the hubs and depots of all GLS subsidiaries is immediately fed into the GLS IT system and is directly available online. Just enter the shipment number or track ID.

What happens if a parcel can’t be delivered?

If no one is present at the time of delivery, further action of GLS depends on the circumstances of the country concerned. In many countries it is customary that neighbors accept parcels. In this case, GLS drivers notify the recipient with an information card. If GLS ParcelShops are established in the country, they can be used as an alternate delivery address. On the websites of GLS national companies, you can find out which of these options are available.

How long does delivery usually take?

National parcels can be deliver in less than 24 hours in most of the countries under standard delivery time (excluding remote area & islands). Standard service delivery time lie between 24 & 96 hours pan europe. GLS delivers the package from Monday to Friday during normal business days. you can find out where is your package right now using tracking it on our website.

How long does it take GLS to deliver parcels?

National parcels can be deliver in less than 24 hours in most of the countries under standard delivery time (excluding remote area & islands). In europe, standard delivery time is generally between 24 to 96 hours. GLS delivers the parcels during normal business day from Monday to Friday.

What should be done if a parcel is damaged?

The person who is sending the parcel by GLS is responsible for packing the goods properly. If parcel has any external damage such as hole in a box, then in that case receiver can refuse the accept the parcel. GLS executive then return the parcel to the depot & inform the sender about the complaint.

If recipient still accept that damage parcel & subsequently discover that the package is damaged then the recipient should directly raise the complaint to the sender. This is because GLS cannot check & must have not check the contents of the parcels. Postal secrecy also applies to GLS.

GLS has there on IOS & Android application which will help you to track the package.

How To Track GLS Using Tracking Number | How Do I Track My International Parcel

To track your GLS parcel you need to have GLS parcel tracking number with you, which you can find on the receipt provided or on the shipment confirmation email. Once you have tracking number with you then you can copy that number and paste it in the above text box and hit Track GLS Package button. this will redirect you to GLS official tracking website, where you can paste your GLS Tracking Number and track the details.

You will be able to see entire detail about your shipment, details like current status of shipment, estimated delivery day & time etc.

If entered tracking number is correct then you will be able to fetch all details about your parcel but if tracking number is wrong then you need to contact GLS customer care or visit there official website.

What is the easy way for GLS package tracking? | Easiest way to track GLS package?

I am expecting a shipment via GLS Courier Partner, How can I track parcel location, status & estimated delivery time?

Copy the tracking number from e-receipt which you received from GLS & paste it in the text box present above (start of this page).

You will see an error message if entered tracking number is not correct, on the other hand it will provide all the required details if tracking number is correct. In that case, you need to contact GLS Customer support or visit GLS official website.

When will my GLS shipment arrive? | How long does it take GLS to deliver my parcel?

GLS Courier service does provide estimated delivery date & time to there customer. GLS yet does not have ability to tell exact delivery time & date. As GLS has multiple parcels to deal with on daily basis that is the reason delivery time is not guaranteed. Some unusual circumstances such as severe weather, traffic, changes in carrier route, staffing fluctuations, natural disaster etc. can cause delay in the package delivery.

My package with GLS is late, what should I do?

The shipment is due now.

Deliery time vary due to some unwanted conditions like staffing fluctuations, changes in carrier route, severe weather, traffic, natural disasteretc. It is possible that your package is not lost and still in transit. To check the exact status of your parcel you can copy & paste GLS tracking number in above text box & hit the Track GLS Package button and check status.

GLS Courier Tracking India

Easily track your GLS shipment through our online tracking system and receive a status notification.

GLS Shipping Times

GLS shipping times depend on where the package is collected from and where it is sent. GLS transit time is generally between 4-10 days depending on the delivery destination.

What is Parcel Express?

GLS Parcel Express shipping is the service of parcels and packages and delivers them to their respective recipients. However, the minimum chargeable weight for the parcel is 500 grams (1 pound).

What is International Express?

The GLS International Express service allows you to ship time-sensitive parcels or document(s) weighing less than 30 kilograms (66 pounds) to any location worldwide using the fastest available means.

Logistics Services

GLS offers a wide range of innovative transportation and logistics technologies to support your business needs. From warehousing to facility management and value-added services, we can help make your business more efficient and increase customer satisfaction. Our services can be easily applied to a variety of business models in different industries.

GLS Tracking by Shipment Number

You can track your GLS shipment either by GLS reference number or by shipment number. You can find your shipment number on the confirmation email received or on the collection manifest (under the barcode). You can use GLS tracking at anytime & anywhere.

GLS Reference Tracking

GLS provide optional reference number at the time of shipment booking. If you don’t have reference tracking number, then you can track your parcel using shipment number.

GLS Shipment Tracking

GLS’s national/international shipment tracking system can be used to find out whether a shipment has been delivered, who signed it and other useful tracking information. Customers can track their consignment by entering the 8-digit or 9-digit consignment number or consignment reference.

How many digits is GLS tracking number? | How does GLS tracking number looks like?

GLS tracking number contains 9 digits (946907500) or starts with GD 9 digits, ends with WW/CN like GE826364693CN, GD503655955WW

GLS reference can by anything like: ES2019EBAY0000678690, GB3189124397.

Track & Trace tells me I’ve missed my delivery. Can I rearrange it?

Of course! If the driver has left the ‘We Missed You’ card, you or your customer can use it to arrange for another delivery. Don’t have a card? Just keep in touch with GLS. You will need your shipment number and delivery address. Please note: Shipments can only be redelivered between Monday and Friday.

GLS Tracking Not Updating?

Why is my package not showing up when I type my shipment number? It can take up to an hour for shipments to appear in GLS’s system. Give it some time and then try tracking your parcel again. Shipments remain in GLS’s system for about 90 days.

Where do I get the tracking number of my GLS shipment?

In order to track your GLS shipment, you need to have tracking number with you. You can find the tracking number on the e-receipt provided by the GLS team or confirmation email from them. If you are still not able to find tracking number then you can contact GLS customer care.

Where can I track my GLS Global Forwarding packages?

If you want to track GLS package, then you simply need to copy your package tracking number and paste that in above text box and hit Track GLS Package button, we will fetch entire details of your package including current status, current location, estimated delivery time and all other details.

You can find your GLS Tracking Number on the receipt given by GLS executive or on the confirmation email from GLS team.

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