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To check the current status of your shipment, enter the global cargo movers tracking number above and get all the necessary details.

About Global Cargo Movers

Global cargo moving LLC was founded in the year 2008. Their primary objective is to make it easier for Filipinos to ship their balikbayan boxes to their family members all the way to the Philippines. They want their services to be affordable to ensure that their customers don’t think that they have been ripped off by high prices and can send their packages to relatives safely and securely.

The global cargo movers have proven themselves as market leaders with a client database of over 15,000 across their region on the East coast. They continue to grow in their service offerings and are expanding across the USA to assist most Filipinos as possible throughout the country.


Global cargo mover’s goal is to stop individuals from paying the high prices that rivals are charging by ensuring they are secure and safe when sending parcels to their relatives on the other side of the globe in the Philippines.

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Getting customers’ approval and gaining value from them is crucial for global cargo movers, so they do everything to assist their clients and stay on track with their mission to ensure that customers feel secure when they send their packages through them.

Why should you choose Global Cargo Movers?

The Global Cargo Movers are considered market leaders due to their smooth, seamless experience they offer. They offer security by securing clients’ boxes using nylon straps, ensuring that the boxes remain free of tamper. Global cargo movers provide speed in shipping packages. The consignment is not just transported quickly but is also delivered with care by the delivery staff.

Additionally, Global cargo movers also have a round-the-clock support line (except Sundays) in the Philippines for customers to call to get assistance at any time during the day. Global cargo Movers also consider professionalism since they are authorized consolidators and NVOCC Freight Forwarders.

Global cargo movers take pricing very seriously. They do not wish to put a dent in their customers’ pockets; thus, they offer the lowest prices compared to their peers.

Global Cargo Movers Tracking
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Nowadays, they’ve begun to work on a grander scale, because of which they’re now shipping 5 to 7 containers each day since the number of customers has risen dramatically; in order to accommodate as many customers as they can, additionally, they have also increased their quantity of containers.

Finally, global cargo movers regard their clients as family members because they understand the importance of the package to the person who is sending it as well as the recipient due to the emotional significance and bond that the package could possess.


To accomplish their goal of delivering balikbayan boxed to loved ones of people in the Philippines, the global cargo movers use the delivery system in place to guarantee prompt and efficient delivery of the boxes.

To meet the massive demand for parcel delivery, global cargo movers deliver every 1 to 2 times weekly. Moreover, they don’t just offer a drop-off facility for parcels but also a pickup to ensure that you don’t need to leave the comfort of your home to get the package.

If you need an empty box from global cargo movers, you will be charged $5; the drop-off facility comes at $55, which is much cheaper than competitors. If you don’t want to spend a dime on getting an empty box from global cargo movers, you can utilize any box from a competitor, and they’ll happily accept it.

Global cargo movers tracking

Once you click checkout, you’d start to think about the date and time your parcel will reach the recipient, or if you’re a consignee, you begin to anticipate the package sent by your loved one.

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To satisfy that curiosity, global cargo movers give you a document number, along with a global cargo tracking number, when you set your packages for delivery. It also includes payment information, billing, and shipping details.

The global movers tracking number will provide you with all the information about when the package will be delivered to the consignee so that you don’t fret and ask the recipient each day whether they have received the parcel or not. With a single click on your mobile device, you’ll get all the requisite information you need.

Global Cargo Movers Order Status

You can utilize the same document number you used for order tracking; to check the order status of your parcel. If you’re worried that your package may be lost in transit, then don’t worry, as by using the global cargo movers order status feature, you will be able to get real-time updates on your package.

The order status provides loading date details, which are the date on which the parcel was placed into the container in the USA, and the approximate date of arrival of the parcel at the port of Cebu/Manila. Along with shipping line status that tells whether the shipment is late, on schedule, or before time. Then you will get the specifics of the day your parcel arrived at the port, as well as the receiver’s name and the date of arrival.

Customer Service

To get in touch with the global cargo movers customer support team, you can head to the contact us page and enter your name, email, and query. Within a couple of hours, their team will respond to your question. Additionally, you can also connect them via phone at the following number and address:


Address: 72 S. Washington Avenue Bergenfield, NJ 07621 US

Phone: +1.2013846300 / 2013846301