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To know your shipment status or to get additional information regarding your package. Enter the Giao Hang Nhanh Tracking number above to get the latest information.

GHN Express Overview

The GHN Express – Vietnam’s first forwarding company, was founded in the year 2012 with the aim of providing reliable shipping services to E-commerce customers with high-quality services. GHN is committed to providing customers with fast, secure, and effective delivery solutions that allow vendors to make more sales and their customers to be content.

Giao Hàng Nhanh Express is committed to providing the highest quality shipping service possible. In the past eight years, GHN has achieved incredible outcomes due to its dedication to quality.

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For package pickup from the client’s office or home, GHN never imposes additional charges. In case the first delivery attempt is unsuccessful, GHN will again deliver the items free of charge two consecutive times before giving them to the sender.

Moreover, they will help bring various types of products and sizes that customers can choose from, and Giao Hàng Nhanh express will request the exact amount of standard delivery. GHN will return the remainder of the products to the Shop at a higher price.

GHN Coin is a payment method that can be prepaid, which can be refilled via bank transfer or going to the GHN Postal Service to use shipping facilities and get the benefit of 6 percent from the net profit margin.

GHN utilizes an order management system; therefore, you’ll need to register an account in order to finish the purchase, after which GHN will take your order and dispatch your purchase to the delivery destination.

Giao Hang Nhanh Tracking

Ghn tracking

The importance of tracking has increased for all courier services because it informs clients regarding their purchases and provides them with complete information about their orders and the expected delivery time, which is extremely useful.

GHN also provides its own tracking service that aims to communicate with more consumers and inform them whereabouts of their packages at any given time. To avail of the GHN parcel tracking service, it is necessary to first go to the GHN website, and there is a tiny window that says tracking your parcel.

When you click the option to track your package, you can open the window in an entirely new tab. After you’ve opened the tracking window, you’ll then be required to enter your GHN tracking number or the order number. Once you’ve entered these numbers, you’ll be able to track your package across the nation and get all the required data in a matter of seconds. With an array of services and top-quality nationwide Giao Hang Nhanh tracking Lazada, there’s no reason not to consider this a top priority.

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Customer Support

If you have any queries or questions, GHN provides a customer support department to meet your requirements and provide you with seamless and effortless delivery.

Head office: 405/15 Xo Viet Nghe Tinh, Ward 24, Binh Thanh District, HCMC


Phone: 1900 636677