FM Tracking Global Logistics – Shipment & Container Tracking

Do you want to know the status of your shipment? Enter the FM Tracking number to access all the information about your shipment.

FM Global Logistics

FM Global Logistics is one of the top freight service providers in the Indo-Pacific region. Regardless of how large or small the parcel is, they can guarantee that your parcel will be delivered from anywhere around the globe to any location of your choice.

FM Global Logistics not only offers excellent shipping services but also offers import-export services in diverse regions such as Australia, Africa, the Middle East, Western Europe, and North America.

In addition, FM Global Logistics has an advantage when it comes to offering quality services. FM Global Logistics offers a broad range of services, such as air freight, ocean freight, transportation, storage, customs clearance, packing and unpacking, marine insurance, and project services.

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FM Global Logistics is a customer-focused company; hence, to meet the needs of their customers, they offer a variety of departure and arrival times that their clients can pick from. Additionally, they also offer customs clearance, which means that FM Global Logistics will take charge of your entire delivery requirements, from transportation to customs clearance.

To cater to the diverse budgets of customers, FM Global Logistics workouts the rates with their clients. This way, they can stay competitive within the shipping industry in Western Australia. FM Global Logistics strives to not only meet its customers’ demands but also surpass them with innovative and custom-designed logistics solutions.

In addition, FM Global Logistics has a well-trained staff that enables them to complete any task, regardless of how difficult it may be, ensuring outstanding customer service and affordable solutions customized according to client’s needs.

FM Tracking

Suppose you’re a customer who needs something delivered quickly, or you are worried whether your package from abroad is on the way or was delivered to the intended recipient. To help you avoid worrying about everything and to keep you tranquil, FM Global Logistics offers its clients with tracking number.

Once you have booked your package and checked out, FM Global Logistics will issue you an invoice. This invoice will contain information such as your billing and shipping details and addresses. Additionally, you will also be provided with a tracking number on the invoice.

FM Tracking

Once you visit the FM Global Logistics ‘tracking’ page, you can enter an FM tracking number, which will give you a variety of information regarding the package. You can see the whole order history including the date and time at which your package was at different locations, including storage, transportation, transit, and delivery.

To avoid the long waiting time you may be forced to endure, FM Global Logistics tracking also provides information about the expected date and time when the goods will be delivered, which enables you or the recipient to remain available at the time of delivery.

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FM shipping is trustworthy because of its many services, including the FM track. This tracking system will prevent you from unnecessarily fretting about the package getting lost during transit and will notify you in advance in case of delays so that you can make necessary arrangements.

Customer Support

You can get in touch with FM Global Logistics in numerous ways. Call their customer support team with any questions or queries you may have regarding your shipment. Alternatively, you can input your details and message under the “contact us” section on their website. Moreover, you can also connect with them at the phone number, email, or address below:

Phone: (+61 8) 9314 2004



Head Office 4-6 Rivers Street

Bibra Lake WA 6163