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FedEx FIMS Tracking

FedEx International Mail Service (FIMS) is a economical solution for mailing any parcels to international destinations, it is also really simple. FedEx will carry all mail shipment to a FedEx sort facility and then to the local postal authorities in respective destination countries and then deliver the package to the receiver.

FedEx International Mail Service provides some additional level of visibility to international shipping, However this is a tracking process. As FedEx hand over your parcel to destination local postal authority that is why there could be lag time of 2 to 5 days, where package is not visible. Every country does not perform full set of scan on packages. Once the parcel is hand over to the local postal authority then FedEx does not take responsibility of the package.

FedEx only responsible for shipping the package to the country and to respective city if you are shipping with FIMS. After packages arrives in the city then it is handed off to local post office and later they take care of delivering it to the receiver. That means FedEx only take the parcel and deliver it to the post offices and then post office take care of further delivery. This entire process usually takes 10 to 28 days. FIMS does not guarantee tracking for eery step of delivery they only provide delivery confirmation.

FedEx FIMS Tracking

You have to enter FedEx International Mail Service (FIMS) postal ID or air waybill number to gain visibility for your economical international shipping.

Find both package level and air waybill information as per your shipments reach their destination.

FIMS provides complete FedEx tracking and control from pickup to mail center. FedEx International Mail Service provides more visibility into mail stream then ever before once the parcel left the mail center.

What if I don’t see my package?

Before any postal information is available for your shipment, this must be received and processed by FedEx mail center. 5 days are required before the package is visible once it is received by FedEx.

A shipment is not processed at the FedEx mail center but may show as received. more 2 days will be required for the shipment to be processed and showing processed with postal information.

By entering FedEx International Service Air Waybill number, shipment may tracked from pickup to receipt at the mail center, You can visit tracking page of

What should I do If my parcel is showing submitted to customs for an extended period?

Commodity declarations is the most common cause of customs delay. Commodity declaration could be misleading/misunderstood because they do not traslate the language well at the destination postal administration. It also requires extended review by postal inspectors, it is not that simple.

Another common source of custom delay is custom value declaration which does not seem reasonable for the commodity description.

If is better to have FIMS tea review your commodity declaration for postal efficiency and appropriateness. FedEx also make recommendations which can improve the efficiency of postal clearance for your package. FedEx sales executive can facilitate this review.

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Status Definitions

  • Received for processing – Consolidated mail shipment is received at the FIMS Mail Processing Center.
  • In process awaiting release – mail/parcel is being sorted by each country and then processed at the FIMS Mail Processing Center.
  • In transit to the destination country – your package has left the FIMS Mail Processing Center and is on its way to the destination country.
  • Received by destination post – The package is received by destination country postal service.
  • Destination customs clearance underway – The package is being inspected and approved by the destination country postal customs authority. (Note: Duties and taxes on the package can be assessed during this process.)
  • Issued by Destination Customs – The package has been approved by the destination country postal customs.
  • Received at local postal facility – The package has reached the local postal facility and is ready for delivery.
  • Unable to deliver – The local postal carrier was unable to deliver the package (Note: The reason for non-delivery must be indicated on the package when it is returned to the original sender).
  • Successful delivery – The package was successfully delivered to the final recipient. (Note: No signature proof of delivery is available with the FIMS Mail View.)
  • At the Transit Post Mail Acceptance Office – the package is presented to an intermediary postal authority on its way to its final destination. (Note: This only happens when the destination country/unit is very small and lacks its own autonomous postal service.)
  • Dispatch Transit Post Acceptance Office – The package has left an intermediary postal authority and is en route for delivery to the final recipient.

With the parcel app, you can track FedEx International Mail Service shipments as well as any packages sent from China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia.