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FedEx Cross Border offers various solution including e-commerce solution for transportation & technology. FedEx Cross Border delivers customer’s package to there doorsteps worldwide in cheapest price.

TRAKPAK (currently P2P TRAKPAK) is ideally designed for retailers who do not need any express delivery but want visibility and reliability. For low-value packages, very lightweight, UNTRAK (currently P2P UNTRAK) is available.

FedEx makes it easy to deliver e-commerce packages and cost-effective using trusted local carriers in the destination country for final-mile delivery.

FedEx Cross Border helps there customer to deliver there purchased goods from merchant to customer address location. It is one of the famous shipping providers like USPS tracking, Aramex, Fedex Express tracking, DHL tracking and USP tracking. Every express package has been given one tracking number, which is use to identify your package. You can find your FedEx Cross Border Tracking number on the receipt given or the confirmation email provided by FedEx Cross Border.

FedEx Cross Border Process

FedEx will assist with the steps if requested, you just need to ship orders to FedEx processing center.

At the FedEx Cross Border processing center, FedEx executive will sort & prepare your parcels to leave to there destination, the recipient address is printed on the label in the territory’s language(s) or destination country.

Shipments travel via linehaul, closely managed by FedEx Cross Border.

Shipment is passed through customs. All clearance is managed/handled in compliance with global rules & regulations.For DDU parcels, the recipient or sender must pay duties assessed.

Your shipment is delivered to the last-mile delivery provider. Strong relationships with last-mile delivery providers help ensure that your customers enjoy an exceptional delivery experience.

Your shipment is delivered to your customer. FedEx completes last-mile local carrier deliveries.

What is the FedEx expected delivery time for this solution?

TRAKPAK: This service of FedEx deliver the shipment within 4–7 business days from the time they leave the processing center.

UNTRAK: Approximate delivery time taken by UNTRAK service is 6–10 business days.

What is the package-status tracking provided with FedEx Cross Border solutions?

With TRAKPAK shipments, Tracking information along with the package journey provided when the package,

  • Arrives at the processing center
  • Departs the processing center
  • Departs from the origin country
  • Arrives in the destination country or territory
  • Undergoes a customs scan, where applicable
  • Is delivered

How To Track FedEx Cross Border Using Tracking Number | How Do I Track My International Parcel

To track your FedEx Cross Border parcel you need to have FedEx Cross Border parcel tracking number with you, which you can find on the receipt provided or on the shipment confirmation email. Once you have tracking number with you then you can copy that number and paste it in the above text box and hit Track FedEx Cross Border Package button. this will redirect you to FedEx Cross Border official tracking website, where you can paste your FedEx Cross Border Tracking Number and track the details.

You will be able to see entire detail about your shipment, details like current status of shipment, estimated delivery day & time etc.

If entered tracking number is correct then you will be able to fetch all details about your parcel but if tracking number is wrong then you need to contact FedEx Cross Border customer care or visit there official website.

What is the easy way for FedEx Cross Border package tracking? | Easiest way to track FedEx Cross Border package?

I am expecting a shipment via FedEx Cross Border Courier Partner, How can I track parcel location, status & estimated delivery time?

Copy the tracking number from e-receipt which you received from FedEx Cross Border & paste it in the text box present above (start of this page). If you don’t have receipt then enter tracking number manually.

You will be able to see all required detail that you need if your tracking number is correct, If tracking number is not correct or correctly entered then you might get some error message. In that case, you need to contact FedEx Cross Border Customer support or visit FedEx Cross Border official website.

When will my FedEx Cross Border shipment arrive? | How long does it take FedEx Cross Border to deliver my parcel?

FedEx Cross Border Courier service does provide estimated delivery date & time to there customer. Yet shipping company do not have ability to tell when exactly delivery person will deliver the package at your doorstep. As FedEx Cross Border has multiple parcels to deal with on daily basis that is the reason delivery time is not guaranteed. Some unusual circumstances such as traffic, severe weather, staffing fluctuations, changes in carrier route, natural disaster etc. can cause delay in the package delivery. Meanwhile you can check the parcel status on our website.

FedEx Cross Border Tracking | FedEx Cross Border Package Tracking | Check Parcel & Package Status LIVE | Logistics company

My package with FedEx Cross Border is late, what should I do?

The shipment is due now.

Deliery time vary due to some unwanted conditions like traffic, severe weather, staffing fluctuations, changes in carrier route, natural disaster etc. It is possible that your package is not lost and still in transit. To check the exact status of your parcel you can copy & paste FedEx Cross Border tracking number in above text box & hit the Track FedEx Cross Border Package button and check status.

Where do I get the tracking number of my FedEx Cross Border shipment?

In order to track your FedEx Cross Border shipment, you need to have tracking number with you. You can find the tracking number on the e-receipt provided by the FedEx Cross Border team or confirmation email from them. If you are still not able to find tracking number then you can contact FedEx Cross Border customer care.

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