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Evergreen Cargo Ship

Evergreen Marine Corporation is a Taiwanese container shipping and transportation company based in Taoyuan City, Taiwan. The company was established by Yung-Fa Chang on 1st September 1968. Ever since, it has consolidated its position in the shipping industry. Because of its enormous fleet and cargo loading capacity to serve as many clients as possible, it has earned the distinction of being one of the leading international shipping companies in the world.

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The success came over time to Evergreen. In 1975, energy crises struck the world, and the shipping industry hit rock bottom. That is when they came up with an out of box solution to come out of this crisis and started their containership venture. The brand-new fleet of containerships was used to offer container services on routes linking the Far East with US West Coast.

In 1984, Evergreen Marine Corporation came up with a great concept by launching an east-west container service worldwide. Their containerships were now able to transport shipments not only within the USA but also across all continents, including Asia, Europe, and the Americas.

With 315 service locations, Evergreen Marine Corporation covers 114 with its shipping networks. With their comprehensive network, they can transport shipments worldwide, thus helping many customers.

Evergreen Container Tracking

The exigency for fresh and raw goods across the globe has increased over the years. To meet this ever-increasing world demand, Evergreen Marine Corporation has employed computer-controlled reefers, which make sure that products that are perishable can be transported securely.

Evergreen endeavors to be at the vanguard of technological developments; hence, they have developed a range of e-business service that amalgamates details from all the evergreen service sites in conjunction with suppliers’ information. Moreover, they have developed an online sailing schedule that enables customers to set the date and time of their services in addition to the departure and arrival location.

Evergreen Tracking

Evergreen provides cargo tracking solutions on its portal, allowing customers real-time information on their consignment. Customers need to enter the necessary information, such as the bill of lading number (BOL number) they received while placing their order. By entering the BOL number, customers can get the current location of their cargo.

Evergreen tracking offers customers an estimated date and time when their goods will be delivered. This procedure prevents customers from unnecessarily waiting and worrying about their orders. In addition, it makes it simple for customers to ensure that they can stay available while delivering their packages.

Evergreen Tracking

Furthermore, Evergreen line tracking also offers customers with order history, which is the itinerary of your order. It tells you where in the delivery process your cargo is currently in. It also reveals when your package left the warehouse facility of Evergreen when it was shipped, and when it will be delivered to you.

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The entire tracking system simplifies the process for customers as it gives them the ability to control the whole delivery process. It also offers transparency to clients and keeps them tranquil.

Customer Support

You can get in touch with Evergreen’s team by inputting your personal details along with your queries under the contact us tab. They will contact you within 24 hours to answer your questions.

In case you’re unable to reach them, you can use the contact us form on their official website.