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Equick Carrier Overview

Equick, previously known as Beijing Suda NetEase Freight Forwarding International Co., Ltd., is a Chinese freight, global air cargo, and delivery service for parcels established in 2009. Equick’s management team comprises highly experienced specialists in global express delivery, transport, and order management. They provide their clients with the best and most customized cross-border logistical services.

Equick is an expert on supply chain management and product delivery to the ecommerce industry. To offer a safe and trustworthy shipping solution abroad, the company engages with several international partners. Equick assists e-commerce sellers in growing their international business by providing competitive rates for their products.

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Equick is a package delivery company that engages with various e-commerce and online businesses. The consignment is picked up when the seller has prepared and set the package and has provided the necessary information to Equick for shipping.

Equick shipping services pick up the package from these facilities and then prepare it for transportation in China or other countries. Depending upon the location of the package’s delivery address across the world, Equick offers several transportation alternatives; for example, global package deliveries with prioritized distribution to the targeted country are offered via Equick Express Packet. These four countries make the priority distribution list: the UK, Germany, New Zealand, and Australia. Another alternative is China-US Express: distribution of cargo weighing up to 35 kilograms is estimated to take between 4 and 6 business days.

Equick offers freight and quick transportation services to e-commerce sellers via platforms like Alibaba, eBay, and Amazon. Equick’s solutions are used by these websites to have their products delivered worldwide. Equick collaborates with partners like USPS, Canada Post, GLS, and others to deliver packages to customers after arriving in the destination country.

Equick Tracking

Equick Tracking

The ease of tracking your package is what differentiates shipping companies. Customers are eager to receive their packages, which is why tracking is one of the most critical factors and the first thing clients consider when deciding which shipping firm they will use to deliver their packages.

Equick courier can handle a wide variety of destinations and allows you to track all of your packages within a couple of seconds. When a package is dispatched to your address, the consignor will provide you an equick tracking number that you can utilize to track the package’s status and the location of the parcel or mail it on the webpage.

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The Equick tracking number contains a combination of letters and alphabets. The number begins with capital letters, then 10-digit numbers, and then capital letters.

The tracking system aims to prevent customers from unnecessarily worrying about their parcels. The system notifies the customers beforehand if their delivery may be delayed so that they don’t get caught off guard and make alternate arrangements in case of emergencies.

Contact Details

Equick has several offices across China, including the following:

Beijing Office

No. 2 Guangqu East Road, Chaoyang, District, Beijing


Shanghai Office

Shanghai Jiuxing Business Center B, No. 9 Shenbin Road, Minhang District, Shanghai 608