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DSV Global Transport and Logistics

DSV offers and manages supply chain solutions for tens and thousands of companies. Globally, DSV is the third largest logistics and transport company, with a strong focus on ethical business standards throughout every aspect of its work.

Their environmental objectives have been developed in conjunction with their core business. DSV intends to stay at the forefront and be an integral part of the green transition of the firm. DSV Roads is Europe’s prominent road freight business, with distribution hubs in North Africa and The United States of America.

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They handle more than 35 million shipments per year, and more than 25,000 vehicles are set to deliver your packages in a time-bound, efficient, flexible, and sustainable manner every single day.

DSV Air & Marine provides different routes and flexible schedules to accommodate even the most challenging logistics requirements to and from any place in the world. Each year, they transport 2,600,000 TEUs of marine products and 1,800,000 metric tons of air cargo.

DSV Solutions collaborates with clients to design and execute logistical solutions that offer value by ameliorating financial and operational efficiency. A multitude of logistics facilities that total 6 million square feet is under their control.

DSV Tracking

The ability to track and trace the goods during the delivery process is the primary reason why customers trust a shipping company. DSV Tracking started a DSV parcel tracking service that allows customers to access various information on their products to enlarge and bolster their client base.

You can perform DSV courier tracking by heading to their website. The next step is to provide the DSV tracking number or customer or booking reference number you will receive together with your invoice when you book your shipment.

You can access a wealth of details about your cargo through DSV Tracking. You can know the estimated date and time your shipment will be delivered to you or your customer. This ensures that the consignee is ready to receive their package at the given time and makes any preparations needed for receiving the delivery.

DSV Tracking

You’ll also be notified about the progress of your shipment. This means that you’ll know the whereabouts of your package all along. You’ll be able to see the timestamp of your entire shipment process. This will save you a lot of waiting. Additionally, you’ll also be able to know if your packages are running late.

Clients can benefit by using the DSV container tracking function since no information is hidden. It also gives customers the ability to control all aspects of the delivery because they know exactly what’s going on with their shipment.

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Customer Service

For assistance or queries, contact the DSV customer service department at the numbers below.

+359 2 926 78

+359 889 500 088.

+359 882 827 333