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Doma Export Overview

Nowadays, all things are connected, and the boundaries are gradually blurring no matter how distant it seems. Therefore country-wide delivery and communication are growing in recognition. One of the top companies that can deliver parcels from the United States to European countries is Doma Export.

They mostly deliver packages to Poland as well as 43 other countries, which makes them highly efficient, reliable, and top-quality service providers, regardless of how big or small your partner might be.

Doma Export offers a wide range of services that includes shipping container rentals, along with shipping commercial and individual parcels via sea and by air. They are located over 50 different locations across the USA and provide a range of delivery options making them easily accessible and efficient.

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With companies such as Doma Exports, not only delivering become effortless, but also you can enjoy complete security as they are experts at their work and will ensure that there is no lacking in your comfort.

Another factor that makes Doma stand out from its peers is the fact they offer shipments of automobiles, ATVs, scooters, jet skis boats, and even snowmobiles that are difficult to handle in normal conditions. That makes Doma a unique export-driven company.

In addition, last-minute gift hampers or food packages are also delivered to people through Doma on a priority basis. If you’ve forgotten your anniversary or want to send gifts to your loved ones, then you can bet on Doma to do its job with its efficient service and robust tracking and delivery.


Doma Export offers a wide array of services, including automobile transportation, shipping container rental, package delivery, gifts, and food parcels, which means they have all the bases covered. The most significant thing is that with over 50 locations in the United States, you can send goods anytime and anywhere within European Union. If you have your loved ones or friends staying far off and you’re concerned about sending them a parcel, contact Doma Export, and they will make it happen for you!

Doma Export Tracking

As Doma mainly focuses on delivering items to your doorstep across continents, either by sea or air, it is all the more critical for Doma Exports to provide reliable delivery services, ensuring customers return after making their first order.

To guarantee a trustworthy delivery service, two things are of extreme significance, i.e., reliable tracking services as well as a quicker delivery time. Doma Export ensures that it provides both of them to its customers, which makes it a distinctive brand for exporting services.

doma export tracking

Doma Export offers state-of-the-art tracking services to its customers through which they can see where their orders are at the moment or when they will be delivered. That can play a significant role in reducing stress because there is often confusion when it comes to long-distance shipments.

To track your shipment, all you have to do is enter your Doma Export Tracking Number in the above online tracking tool. It will allow you to track your package, parcel, or shipment and provide you with the exact delivery status of your purchase along with its location.

Moreover, it will provide you with status information promptly and without any difficulty. Doma shipping tracking system will ensure that you are aware of the exact parcel route, thereby providing you with a realistic estimation of when your package will be delivered.

Delivery Time

Start-to-end tracking is highly beneficial as it informs you of everything that happens from when your packages are shipped until your order is delivered to you on your doorstep, making the entire process transparent and hassle-free.

As Doma Export transports its consignments through both sea and air, it has distinct delivery estimated times for both deliveries. The time to deliver parcels shipped by ocean is about 4 to 6 weeks, but the time can change during periods of holiday, specifically during Easter and Christmas.

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Air shipping is also possible by Doma Export and can be delivered by two different methods: standard or express. Standard delivery takes one to two weeks, whereas express delivery can take between five and seven business days. The delivery time is determined by the time the parcel is received.

Custom Handling

Another problem that can arise when shipping parcels or goods across continents is customs. In many cases, customs offices do prohibit a parcel from being able to pass through. If this happens, Doma Export assists you in the right direction and helps in getting your parcel through by connecting you to the necessary lines.

Another unique thing about Doma Export is that all shipments are insured in the improbable event of a loss of up to $100, which makes Doma Exports trustworthy and makes it easier to send out shipments through their services.

Contact Doma Export

You can reach Doma Export at the phone number given below. Their business hours are 8.30 – 6.00 am Monday to Friday, on Saturdays they work from 8.00 – 1.00 pm.

Phone: (800) 229-3662