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Dependable Highway Express Overview

Dependable Supply Chain Services is a transportation business that provides a wide range of services. Freight services (LTL, FTL, Harbor Drayage), distribution, warehousing, air transportation, 3PL, ocean freight forwarding, and freight transfer between Guam, Hawaii, and the rest of the United States are just a few of the services provided.

They started in 1950 with just a single Bobtail vehicle and have since expanded into five distinct, integrated departments, each supervising all of these services. These services are customized to meet your specific logistical needs. The segments complement each other to provide a complete and seamless system for the supply chain management.

The company’s mission is to keep an unparalleled reputation in the business for honesty, quality, and variety, i.e., “The Reliable difference. The company must employ and retain only the most capable and committed employees who are dedicated to the company’s values to reach these extraordinary objectives.

Their ability to offer their clients the highest quality service, keep a reasonable profit margin, anticipate future opportunities, and react to market shifts ahead of the competition is important to their status as a diverse and best logistics service provider. DHE caters to all the client’s LTL transportation needs. They have the vehicles, drivers, and knowledge to ensure that the customer shipments arrive promptly and in pristine condition.

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Their 14 strategically located service centers offer overnight LTL transportation services across California, Arizona, and Nevada; their goods-based freight services are one of the best California-based LTL carriers. Their capabilities include a vast network that allows shipping to the Northwest via Peninsula Trucking Lines, in addition to being the first in regional Coast LTL freight transport. Moreover, through their partner Ward Transport, DHE offers instant shipping options for customers in the Mid-Atlantic zone and delivery towards the Southcentral region (Texas/Oklahoma) through the partnership with Southwestern Motor Trucking.

DHE has more than 3 million square feet of a warehouse close to all of California’s harbors, including Long Beach, Los Angeles, and Oakland. They are the market leaders in warehousing, trucking, goods management, and extensive supply chain services that can handle your warehouse, dray, and delivery requirements.

They offer B2B and B2C completion, an asset-based business with more than 3 million square feet of multi-customer and leased storage space. Their account managers are highly qualified and understand the difficulties associated with keeping your possessions, and can design a solution that not just serves your requirements but also improves your bottom line based on long or short-term needs.

DHE Tracking

Dependable Highway Express DHE Tracking

Are you eagerly waiting for your parcel to arrive through DHE and would like to find out all the important details concerning the location of your package, whether it is at the warehouse, when it will be delivered, and what’s the overall progress? Visit DHE’s official site DHE and paste your DHE tracking number into the dialog box. If you’re unable to trace your parcel, contact DHE customer support regarding the issue.

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Corporate Address: 2555 East Olympic Boulevard, Los Angeles, California 90023