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If you want to know the status of your shipment with Ceva. Enter the Ceva Tracking number to get all the updates on your shipment.

CEVA Logistics was part of the world-renowned leader’s quadrant of logistics companies by Gartner in 2021. CEVA Logistics promises you that you’re working with the world’s leading supplier chain management business.

Ceva Logistics Overview

Logistics is at the heart of international trade and vital to every aspect of our lives. That being said, the company’s goal is to position CEVA Logistics as the undisputed world leader in the field of logistics.

They allow businesses to grow and communities to prosper by doing what they are best at. All they realize is focused on their customers’ requirements and their strategic goals.

They provide value to their customers by consistently providing excellent end-to-end supply chain services that can fulfill their most complex requirements in an ever more uncertain, complex, dynamic, or paradoxical environment.

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As logistics experts, they completely understand their role as one of the significant factors in their client’s business success is finding the most appropriate, cost-effective options for their growing supply chain network. They are committed to creating long-lasting relationships with their customers using a comprehensive knowledge base from around the globe and forward-thinking, combining local know-how attitude.

Ceva logistics helps clients in resisting supply chain challenges and recognizing growth opportunities. It works with companies that are of different sizes and types across a range of industries, such as Automotive, Energy, Consumer & Retail, Healthcare, Aerospace and Industrial, and Technology.

Ceva logistic’s principal values have generally been boldness. It is directly related to their entrepreneurial spirit and development drive. Their perseverance enables them to punch above their weight and never give up or overcome difficulties, which is vital to their ongoing development.

Their teams consist of professional and certified airfreight experts who provide fast and reliable services under all circumstances.

CEVA Logistics was established to create various intercontinental aerial bridges containing more than 282 chartered aircraft to meet the immediate demands of multiple companies and government agencies during the height of the COVID-19 global crisis.

Ceva Tracking

Ceva Logistics Tracking

It is essential to provide all the necessary information for each part. Because of that, Ceva logistics honors each order and allows you to track and trace your shipment. They’ve designed the Ceva tracking tool for that purpose, and they ensure that every question and customer contact is handled independently. You can track your shipment using the ‘CEVA Track’ tool by entering your Ceva tracking number; you’ll get all the information about your shipment. Any supply chain requires visibility, and the CEVA Track tool makes it straightforward to keep track of clients’ goods during the entire delivery process.

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Customer Service

If you’re in the US, please contact HDSC@hd.cevalogistics.com or call +1-844-215-0640

In Italy, please contact It.Homedelivery@Cevalogistics.com