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BAX Express

Bax Global was an American shipping company that offered global shipping services. It was established in 1971 and was bought in 2006 by DB logistics in the year 2006, and later it was integrated into DB Schenker. It works in the ocean, air, and land freight divisions that are part of DB logistics.

Since the merger and acquisitions took place, the company has grown exponentially. Currently, it employs more than 14,000. With hundreds of offices across 133 countries worldwide, it generates an annual turnover of around $3.6 billion.

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The company aims to serve a wide range of clients. It can take care of cargo and packages of any size. Therefore, if you want to move goods for yourself or your company, you can bet on Bax express to meet your transportation requirements.

BAX Global is experienced in handling and moving your belongings safely and securely. It aims to provide its clients with a safe and effective service. Each package is prepared for dispatch with care and secured packing to ensure they arrive at their destination in perfect shape.

BAX Global Tracking

When you are working with a greater quantity of parcels, the effectiveness of any service is contingent on the way in which the company manages its business. For instance, Bax Global has experienced and well-trained staff who work to fulfill the shipping needs of their clients in a safe and efficient way.

BAX Global Tracking

They’re using state-of-the-art technology to manage their shipping processes. The unified departments and active management information systems application will provide smooth delivery solutions.

When you’ve set your items for shipping, you’ll be given the PRO number or AWB BAX Global tracking number. By using this number, you can stay in touch with your parcels until they are delivered.

Even if you know the reliability of the transporter, being an end-user, you’re always curious to know at which delivery stage your package is in. The package is scanned at each stage to ensure the information is updated within the system. This provides real-time data for the customers on their delivery.

You can easily track and trace your shipment by using the tracker. All you need to do is head to the BAX global shipping tracking website to determine your cargo status. You can enjoy simple, hassle-free service and stay available during the delivery.

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To get going with BAX global domestic tracking, enter your tracking code into the text field area. When you click the ‘track’ option, it will connect you to your package within a few seconds.

For order tracking or to know the order history of your package, use the company’s website to get accurate information. If you encounter any issue during tracking, you can connect with the company’s customer service department. Their agents will assist you and answer your concerns related to your shipment.

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Telephone number: 800-225-5229